Discovering the Latest Innovations in Customer Experience at Adobe Summit 2023

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Discovering the Latest Innovations in Customer Experience at Adobe Summit 2023

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Written by  Mahaveer Amudhachandran

Director of Technology

April 7, 2023

The Adobe Summit 2023, held from March 19 to March 23, offered rich insights into industry technologies and trends. Expert speakers discussed the latest product innovations and how businesses can leverage AI for profitable growth.


Adobe Firefly

A family of generative models for content generation, currently in beta and focused on images and text effects, with vectors, in-painting, out-painting, video, and 3D content in the pipeline.

Sensei GenAI Services

Uses Adobe’s AI and ML technology across the Adobe platform to reimagine every aspect of marketing. Adobe is taking copyright, diversity and inclusion, and harmful content seriously and ensuring that the output is safe for commercial use.

Adobe Commerce

Simplify your composable architecture with Adobe Commerce, which integrates services and data sources to create innovative shopping experiences. The latest updates and features include rapid development environments, self-service content copy, enhanced security with HIPAA, Adobe Developer App Builder, and API Mesh.

Customer Experience

The latest innovations in customer experience, the future of new data and identities, the role of AI in powering an explosion of new content, the new skills and competencies that customer experience professionals will need to prepare for new waves of disruption to meet rising customer expectations.

Key Topics

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a family of generative AI models specifically designed to generate content for creative output. These models have been trained using deep learning algorithms and can generate high-quality images, videos, and other types of creative content. Firefly aims to assist designers and marketers in automating creative processes and producing high-quality content more efficiently. In addition, Firefly will be integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud, meaning users can use it with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro to create safe-for-commercial-use content.

Enhanced Adobe Product Analytics

Adobe is helping bring product teams and marketing together through its new Adobe Product Analytics in Experience Cloud. It gives product teams self-service capabilities to learn how their products are perceived and used, offering product-led growth by improving the product based on that feedback.

Innovations for Real-Time CDP

Integrating AI in Adobe’s CDP can help companies improve their customer experiences by enabling them to understand better and target their customers. Automating the process of audience segmentation and using predictive analytics and real-time decision, the CDP can help companies deliver more personalized and relevant experiences to their customers.

Content Supply Chain

Adobe’s Content Supply Chain aims to address the challenges of managing complex marketing campaigns by integrating various tools, including Creative Cloud, Workfront, AEM, Express for Enterprise, and The integration ensures smoother workflows, allowing designers to submit their work for review. In addition, Adobe plans to leverage Sensei GenAI to accelerate testing and adaptation by quickly creating content variations.

Enhancing Experience Manager

Continuing with the generative AI theme, Firefly will be integrated directly into Adobe AEM Assets – its digital asset management system. This direct integration makes it easy for teams to instantly change image components and automatically generate asset variations for different channels.

Composable Content Service

Adobe Composable Content Service is a cloud-based service that allows organizations to create, manage, and deliver content across different channels and devices. It provides a modular, composable approach to content creation, where content components can be easily assembled, reused, and personalized to deliver a consistent and engaging customer experience.

The service includes a visual authoring tool that allows content authors to create and manage content components and a content hub serving as a centralized repository for all content assets. The content hub includes advanced search and discovery capabilities, making it easy for authors to find and reuse existing content components.

Composable Content Service also includes built-in workflows, which automate the content creation and approval processes, and integrations with other Adobe Experience Cloud products, such as Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target.

Blue Green Deployment

Adobe uses blue-green deployment to ensure seamless and reliable software releases for its products, such as Adobe Experience Manager. This approach minimizes downtime, reduces errors, and allows for quick and easy rollback if necessary.

HIPAA Readiness

Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Top Innovation includes new updates and features such as rapid development environments, self-service content copy, and enhanced security with HIPAA.

Supercharge Commerce with Personalization

Adobe solutions for supercharging commerce with personalization, include Adobe Personalization Builder, which enables businesses to build and deliver personalized experiences across their websites and apps, and Adobe Real-Time CDP, which provides real-time customer data and insights to help businesses understand their customers and personalize their experiences.

Adobe Pathways

Adobe Pathways is a valuable resource for individuals looking to improve their career prospects and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Adobe Commerce

Simplifying the way you integrate, build, and extend commerce experiences is a crucial goal of Adobe Commerce, with a focus on enabling customers to deliver differentiated shopping experiences. Choosing the suitable frontend for your eCommerce experiences is essential, and Adobe Commerce offers a range of options to suit different needs.

Important Highlights

  • The new Adobe Experience Manager uses AI insights to enhance content publishing.
  • Adobe has launched the world’s first content supply chain solution to fuel experience-led growth.
  • Adobe and Accenture are partnering to help enterprise brands improve content supply chain efficiencies.
  • Adobe Express for Enterprise empowers anyone at any business to create and deliver on-brand content.
  • Adobe and NVIDIA are partnering to develop generative AI technologies.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud is now used by over 12,000 customers, including 87% of Fortune 100 companies and 74% of Fortune 500 companies, with support from 4,000 global ecosystem members and 450 Adobe Experience Platform partner integrations.
  • The company is gaining traction across multiple verticals, including healthcare, B2B, and financial services, with customers such as CVS Health, Amazon Web Services, and Bank of America.


In conclusion, the Adobe Summit 2023 unveiled many product innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud to empower businesses to drive experience-led growth. In addition, Adobe launched new tools and technologies to enable brands to expand and achieve profitable growth by delivering exceptional customer experience.

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