Maximizing the Power of Adobe Campaign: Best Practices for Integration


Maximizing the Power of Adobe Campaign: Best Practices for Integration


Written by Poonam Chandersy

Technical Content Writer

August 7, 2023

Adobe Campaign is a powerful tool that allows businesses to easily manage their marketing campaigns. However, integrating Adobe Campaign with other marketing tools requires careful planning and execution. Effective management of interactions is critical for the optimal performance of Adobe Campaign. It is important to balance the volume of contacts and the number of offer categories and offerings. Failure to manage these factors can cause issues with your Adobe Campaign instance. Read this blog to learn the best approaches to manage Interaction module in Adobe Campaign.


  • The batch engine focuses on processing multiple outbound communications simultaneously, with database performance often being the limiting factor.
  • The unitary engine prioritizes low latency for inbound communications, such as a banner on a website, with CPU performance as a bottleneck.
  • The offer catalog’s design can significantly impact Adobe Campaign Classic’s performance.
  • Split high-volume offers into multiple offer catalogs to optimize performance.

Eligibility Rules

  • Make simple rules and avoid complex rules with more than five conditions.
  • Break rules into predefined filters that can be shared across multiple offers.
  • Prioritize the most restrictive offer category rules at the top of the tree to quickly filter out most contacts and reduce processing time.
  • Place time and processing-intensive rules at the bottom of the tree to avoid unnecessary processing and run them on the remaining target audience.
  • Begin at a specific category when scanning the tree instead of examining the whole structure to save time.
  • Optimize processing by precomputing aggregates and storing customer data in reference tables for easier lookup.
  • Limit the number of weights used to minimize the number of queries.
  • Keep the number of offers per offer space limited for faster retrieval of offers.
  • Improve performance with indexes, particularly on frequently used look-up columns.

Managing Offers

Multiple Offer Spaces in Email Delivery

When you include offers in deliveries, they are selected upstream in the Campaign workflow through Enrichment activity. You can specify the offer space you want to use while selecting offers in the Enrichment activity. Irrespective of the chosen offer space, the delivery customization menu depends on the offer space set up in the delivery.

Specifying Rank in Proposition Log Table

When you create propositions, offer spaces store data in the proposition table. But this is valid for inbound interactions only. You can also store data in the proposition table for outbound interactions.

Extending nms:offer Schema

  • Create a new field for content storage under < element name=”view”>.
  • Define every new field twice as a regular XML field and CDATA XML field with “_jst” appended to the name.

< element label="Price" name="price" type="long" xml="true"/>

< element advanced="true" label="Script price" name="price_jst" type="CDATA" xml="true"/>

  • Place the fields that include URLs to be tracked under < element name=”trackedUrls”>, which is available under < element name=”view” >.

Proposition Table

  • Use a minimal number of rules to boost processing.
  • Reduce the number of records in the proposition table to only what is necessary and archive the rest in another system.
  • Optimize the performance of the proposition table by performing regular database maintenance, such as rebuilding indexes or recreating tables.
  • Don’t set more propositions than necessary for each target to avoid unnecessary processing.
  • Avoid using joins in the rule criteria.

Viral Marketing

With Adobe Campaign, you can implement viral marketing strategies. This enables your email recipients or website visitors to easily share your content with their network, whether by adding a social media link to their profiles or sending a message to a friend. This helps you to expand brand reach and engagement.

Social Networks

Include the matching personalization block to allow the receivers to share messages with others. When receivers click the social media icon, they’re redirected to their account and can share messages through the link. You can track the social network sharing in the following locations:

  • Tracking tab of the delivery
  • Dedicated Sharing to social networks report


Integrating Adobe Campaign with other marketing tools can unlock powerful capabilities and provide a more streamlined and effective approach to managing your campaigns. Royal Cyber has extensive experience in maximizing the potential of Adobe Campaigns. Our team of experts can help you navigate the complexities of integration and help you drive your marketing success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help elevate your marketing game.

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