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A Roadmap with Activities & Objectives

Organizations that run mature Campaign programs may find it hard than companies that are new to achieve big wins. How can skilled teams thrust and combat on diminishing returns? We know that real-time, personalized experiences is what wins customers for life and propels a brand into sustainable growth.

In this free webinar, our AEM practice head will share the best practices to segment real-time data behavior & accurate profiling and how you can use it to optimize your Adobe Campaign environment.

This will enable you to employ best practices for your Adobe Campaigns developers and Architect look beyond quick implementations and for monitoring.

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  • Primer on Adobe Campaign Capabilities
  • Optimizing Your Use of Adobe Campaign
  • Get the Most Out of Your Use of Adobe Campaign
  • Strategic Guidance & Direction Across Adobe Campaign
  • Demo & Hands on Lab

Rajini Nallathambi

Adobe Practice Head

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