Enhancing Adobe Campaign’s Standard Delivery Logs with Custom Data for Reporting

blog enhancing-adobe-campaign-standard-delivery-logs-with-custom-data-for-reporting

Enhancing Adobe Campaign’s Standard Delivery Logs with Custom Data for Reporting

blog adobe-campaign-s-standard-delivery-logs

Written by Manpreet Kaur

Content Writer

June 2, 2023

Adobe Campaign’s custom data gives meaningful insights into email campaigns and analyzes their performance effectively. By incorporating this custom data, track important metrics, monitor engagement, and make informed decisions to improve marketing strategies. In this blog, we will explore how to enhance your Adobe Campaign Standard delivery logs with custom data for reporting.

What is Custom Data Extension?

Custom Data Extension refers to the combination of offers, segmentation, and other relevant details that impact the performance of marketing campaigns. Let’s understand with an example.

Email variants can display different offers to customers, which they can redeem from the website. For example, Offer A could be “Buy One/Get One Free,” Offer B could be “50% Off”, etc. When analyzing campaign performances according to revenue generated, Offer B may have higher sales.

However, offers are not the most important factor while analyzing campaign performances. The result may vary depending on the customer segmentation blended with dynamic content. It is essential to cross-reference information across different systems to get accurate results. If all this information is readily available at the delivery level, you can use a single resource to query and report.

How does Custom Data Extension Help?

Custom Data Extension contains all the information about promotional emails and combines the email’s target data with the person who received it.

How to Create Custom Resources?

Adobe Campaign has a pre-built data model that defines data with resources that can be created from scratch or extended from existing resources. Firstly, ensure you have administrator user rights to create custom resources.

Creating a Custom Resource

  • Once you log in to your Adobe Campaign instance, click on Administration.
  • Click on Development in the Administration tools.
  • Click on Custom Resources. You will get a list of custom resources such as Products, Profiles, Inventory, Product Orders, Services, and Subscriptions. These could be created or extended.
blog custom-resource
  • Click Create. You will get two options – Create a New Resource or Extend an Existing Resource. Choose Create a New Resource and type the name in the Label field. You can use the same value for ID field. Click Create.
  • Now you need to add certain properties of fields for this specific custom resource. Go to the Data Structure Tab and click on Create Element. Enter values for Label, ID, Text, and Length. Click on Add.
blog data-structure-tab

Configuring a Screen Definition for a Custom Resource

  • Go to Screen Definition Tab. Expand Navigation. Check Add an entry to ‘Client Data’ Section.
  • Configure List Configuration. Here, you can configure fields the user will see. To add a new field, click on Add an Element.
  • Configure Simple Search. Check Specify the fields to be considered in text search. Now you can choose fields needed to execute Simple Search.
  • You can also perform Advanced Filtering.
  • By configuring detail screen, you specify the screen that appears when a user double-clicks a specific record in list view configuration.
  • Once you have made changes, click Save.
  • Now you need to publish your custom resource to see the changes. Go to Adobe Campaign > Administration > Development > Publishing > Prepare Publication.

Benefits of Custom Data for Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

By capturing custom data points, create detailed and accurate reports to understand campaign performance better. This facilitates better decision-making about future campaigns and helps to optimizes marketing strategies.

Campaign Performance Analysis

Custom data fields capture additional information about each delivery, such as customer demographics, product preferences, or campaign-specific attributes. This data helps to analyze the performance of individual campaigns and identify factors that contribute to success or failure.

Improved Segmentation and Personalization

Use custom data to segment the audience based on their behaviour or preferences. This helps to deliver relevant and personalized messages to each segment, improving the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Real-time Monitoring

By creating dashboards that summarize custom data in real-time, monitor campaign performances and adjust them as required. This helps businesses to react quickly to changing market conditions or customer behaviours.

Increased Collaboration

Custom data can be shared across teams. This improves collaboration between departments, such as marketing and sales, and facilitates data-driven decision-making.

Adobe Campaign Standard allows users to customize and enhance delivery logs with custom data. Royal Cyber’s team of certified experts can help you understand how to align unique delivery metrics so you can tailor your campaigns for improved results. In addition, we’ll help you optimize campaigns, get maximum engagement from your audience, and increase your ROI.

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