Adobe Campaign: Creating, Analyzing, Coordinating, and Delivering Campaigns That Convert

Written by Jeethu Augustine

Technical Content Writer

Even when marketers can utilize multiple channels to run a campaign, Adobe Campaign is a single tool that can seamlessly manage all your campaigns and help achieve measurable results in record time. Aided by an intelligent, decision-based engine, the technology would enable marketers to avoid the tedious manual process and become more efficient and productive, effortlessly exceeding customer expectations. With Adobe Campaign, you can use customer data to create, coordinate, and deliver dynamic campaigns through email, mobile, offline channels, and more. Its integrated customer profile would enable marketers to unify data and build a complete customer view, thus sending personalized marketing messages.

Let us Review What Adobe Campaign has to Offer

1. Email Management- Better results through personalized messages

The innate email capabilities of Adobe Campaign can be used across multiple marketing channels, delivering the most relevant and personalized marketing messages to grab customer attention and make sure that it would receive the desired response.

Main features include:
  • AI-powered emails

  • Email creation

  • Email deliverability

  • Email reporting

  • Email testing

  • Multilingual emails

  • Triggered emails

  • With Adobe Sensei powering the entire Adobe Experience Cloud, you can predict subject lines for your email campaigns that best relate with your target audience and also the best send-time when recipients are likely to engage with your messages.
  • Helps create personalized campaigns for every user.
  • Incredible workflow allows marketers to orchestrate various customer journeys.
  • Ability to view individual customer profiles from past campaigns, which would help new campaigns with a personalized experience to target dedicated customer segment.
  • Doesn't require developer skills, and so, even novice marketers can create email campaigns from scratch or use the preexisting template library.
  • Through Adobe Campaign’s Dynamic Reporting, marketers can analyze campaigns and can even make changes on the fly on their mobile phones.

2. Omnichannel Marketing -Launch, track, and automate campaigns across channels

What Adobe Campaign offers is a single point where customer data from different systems, devices, and channels can be brought together to deliver the most relevant, customer-focused, and result-oriented campaign.

Main features include:
  • Campaign management

  • Campaign reporting

  • Direct mail

  • Offer management

  • Preference centers

  • Mobile marketing

  • A single email template can deliver customized content for all the users, like addressing users with names, or even listing individual items for individual users as part of their purchase confirmation. Also, retargeting individual customers with personalized coupon codes without having to construct different mail templates.
  • Manage interactions in real-time.
  • Manage content and ads independently or in tandem, to present a uniform marketing front.
  • Conduct segmentation to target various demographics.
  • Curate a unified experience through both online and offline marketing channels under a single visual interface.
  • With preference centers in Adobe Campaign, topics that interest the customers, messages they want to receive, how frequently they wish to get those messages and through which channels can all be tracked and evaluated.
  • Direct Mail Channel can be enhanced with personalized experiences and through data from online channels.

3. Segmentation and Targeting – The customer-first approach

The key to successfully run a campaign is to comprehend client requirements and preferences rightly. Adobe Campaign provides the data to understand the customer segment, which would help in crafting the most relevant campaign.

Main features include:
  • Adobe Analytics integration

  • Audience segmentation

  • Customer profiles

  • Data connectors

  • Recognizing audience interest and preferences and drafting significant messages that would increase responses and engagements.
  • Improving customer experience across channels and touchpoints.
  • Enrich your customer profile for better segmentation, personalization, and reporting.
  • Connectivity to large databases and CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Even when marketers can utilize multiple channels to run a campaign, Adobe Campaign is a single tool that can seamlessly manage all your campaigns and help achieve measurable results in record time. Aided by an intelligent

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