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Enhance Customer Engagement by Integrating Caller Telephony with SAP C4C

Introduce a powerful Service solution by integrating CTI with SAP Cloud for Service (C4C) that can be used to enhance Customer Experiences at a low cost.

This solution enables the automatic creation of phone tasks in C4C when agents receive or make phone calls. It also identifies the callers and their activities using Live Activity such as related customer tickets, registered products, and much more. Agents can also make outbound calls directly from C4C, by clicking on the customer and contact details.

SAP offers two options to integrate the Cloud for Service (C4C) with Contact Center (Cctr), one option is to integrate using CTI Adapter and Communication Desktop while the other is using Widgets.

With certified SAP resources, Royal Cyber can help to integrate Caller Telephony with SAP Cloud for Service for your business. Join this webinar and discover how Caller Telephony’s features enables SAP Cloud for Service to meet both, customer, and business, expectations.

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Join this webinar and gain insights on:
  • Introduction to SAP Cloud for Service (C4C)
  • Overview of Caller Telephony with SAP Cloud for Service
  • Integration Architectures of Caller Telephony with SAP Cloud for Service

  • Features and Benefits of Caller Telephony with SAP Cloud for Service
  • Demo using CTI Adapter for integration with Cloud for Service (C4C)
  • Question & Answer Session
Bharat Reddy

Bharat Reddy

Consultant – SAP CX
at Royal Cyber Inc.

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