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Managing the ML Lifecycle with MLflow

Using Azure Databricks & MLflow for a Smooth MLOps Experience

Are you fed up with model production issues? Unable to handle and monitor multiple models? You are at the right place. In this webinar, we will use Azure Databricks as a platform, MLflow as an ML project management tool, and showcase what MLOPS is and why it is so important in tackling the production issues in the vibrant and challenging world of machine learning.

Managing the ML lifecycle with MLflow

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Join us this webinar and gain insights on:
  • The “What?” & “Why?” of MLOps
  • Implementing an end-to-end ML Workflow (ML Pipeline)
  • Databricks Overview
  • What is MLflow?
  • Components of MLflow
  • A Live Demo of MLOPS on Gas consumption and Bank Notes dataset.
    a) Predict Gas consumption in various US states based on few key features
    b) Predict the authenticity of Banknotes (Real or Fake)
  • Q&A session
Hassan Sherwani

Hassan Sherwani

Data Scientist Architect at Royal Cyber

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