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ACID refers to the properties of atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, in database terminologies. These properties ensure that the database transactions (Add, Update, Select, Delete) are processed reliably. It is focused on recovery upon failure, should a transaction go wrong. Traditionally, these have been limited to relational/SQL databases, which are extensively used in relational data warehouses.

However, with the rise of NoSQL systems, the handling of non-relational/unstructured data has become a problem. Therefore, Data Lakes are quickly becoming the defacto standard in Online Analytical Processing systems and replacing data warehouses. With these modern systems in-place, ACID has been sidelined, which has resulted in a certain level of unreliability in transactions to surface.

Fortunately, Databricks has released Delta Lake, which brings back ACID to modern data warehousing and management and serves as a fast and efficient tool to manage and standardize the implementation of data lakes.

Join us for a free webinar to find out how you can get the most out of your data lakes and what does adding Delta Lake to your organization really mean.

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What can you learn?
  • Create easier and reliable Enterprise Data Lakes Both On prem and Cloud
  • Schema Enforcement
  • What a Delta Lake architecture looks like?
  • Unified Batch and Stream Processing
  • Demo

Join us to see how Delta Lake could add value to your data lake.

Muhammad Aneeq Yusuf

Muhammad Aneeq Yusuf

Technical Lead
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