Performance Analytics Fundamentals

Performance Analytics Fundamentals for ServiceNow enthusiasts keen on learning ServiceNow Performance Analytics.

Learn how to use ServiceNow Performance Analytics to analyze and report the IT Service Quality and Performance in the ServiceNow enterprise cloud. Harness the power of performance management to make better data?driven decisions and improve service delivery.

2 hrs

Instructor Led Training


Course Topics

  • Understand the basic administration skills needed to support ServiceNow Performance Analytics
  • Indicator analysis using the Analytics Hub
  • Configure Data Collection Jobs
  • Charts and Dashboard
  • Leveraging ServiceNow Performance Analytics Plugin
  • Build Custom Widget Visualizations
  • Dashboards and Widgets
  • Data Filtering


  • IT Asset Manager
  • Software Asset Manager
  • ServiceNow Architects

Course logistics:

This instructor-led course allows you to learn from Royal Cyber’s ServiceNow Center of Excellence Team.

Course Schedule

For details, contact [email protected]

  • After the Web seminars, you will be given lab-workshop exercises through email that incorporate the topics discussed. An instructor will help with questions by email and through random afternoon Q&A sessions that use the same web-conferencing system as the classes.

  • The workshops and hands-on lab exercises corresponding with the daily Web seminars will take between 2 to 4 hours a day to finish (depending on your level of experience). The exercises should be completed before the next web learning session.

Course Prerequisites


Hardware & Software

  • Any PC, you will need a browser (IE, Firefox, or Chrome) that is compatible to access a web-conferencing portal (no plug-ins or Active-x controls are necessary)


  • General familiarity with industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms

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