CCV2 Distance Learning Course

IBM Sterling
SAP Commerce Cloud (CCV2) Distance Learning

Learn about SAP Commerce Cloud (CCV2) infrastructure, integrations and deployment

2 Hours

Instructor Led Training



This course is for the business users to give an overview of the SAP Commerce Cloud (CCV2).

Course logistics:

This instructor-led session gives an opportunity to you to learn about CCV2 through e-conference/web/audio presentation. The instructor will host one-hour web-conference meeting on the course topics given at the end which will be followed by a comprehensive demo.

Course Objective

This course will enable you to:

Understand the SAP Commerce Cloud (CCV2) infrastructure
Be conversant with CCV2 integrations, Deployment and Performance
Get an overview of Cloud onboarding process

Course Topics

Training Outline

Provided below is the tentative outline of the topics to be covered during the training session. The training will be for Two (02) hours with One (01) hour for theory and One (01) hour for a Demo session.

  • Introduction
  • Infrastructure
  • Integration Options
  • Performance & Monitoring
  • Deployment & Operations
  • Cloud Editions
  • Cloud Onboarding Process