Distance Learning Training Schedule

Rational Developer for System z Distance Learning

Learn how to use IBM’s Rational Developer for System z (RDz) product to analyze, develop, maintain, support and test z/OS traditional applications and create/test Web Services using IBM’s Rational Developer for System z.


COBOL programmers learning RDz for batch and/or online (CICS and IMS TM) application work – as well as for Enterprise Modernization (SOA) projects.Note that the Distance Learning content and workshops are COBOL-based. Royal Cyber’s custom training programs offer RDz education in PL/I and Assembler.

Course logistics:

This instructor-led session provides an opportunity for you to learn RDz through e-conference/web/audio presentations – coupled with extensive hands-on labs (see above) Each day, the RDz instructor will host two separate one-hour web-conference meetings that demonstrate techniques for using the Eclipse workbench, Rational Developer for System z tooling (a deep-dive into the IDE), workbench features, application maintenance processes, best practices and test data management.

All workshops are delivered in English

For details, contact [email protected]

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    After the Web seminars, you will be assigned lab-workshop exercises via eMail that incorporate the topics discussed. An instructor will be available for questions by eMail and through “virtual office hours” – occasional afternoon Q&A sessions that use the same web-conferencing system as the classes.

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    The exercises should be completed using RDz prior to the next web learning session

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    To do the workshops you can use either a 60-day trial version of RDz or your company’s licenses

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    The workshops and hands-on lab exercises associated with the daily Web seminars will take between 2 to 4 hours a day to complete (depending on your level of experience)

Rational Developer for System z Prerequisites



  • Production z/OS COBOL, PL/I or Assembler project experience
  • However, the workshops and course content are in COBOL
  • A working knowledge of SQL and an understanding of z/OS technologies are also assumed.


  • You will need a PC that can run and install the RDz Client – See product requirements to determine if your machine is capable


  • You will need a browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) that is compatible to access a web-conferencing portal (no plug-ins or Active-x controls are necessary)

RDz version-support:

  • The class demonstrations will always be at the latest RDz product release
  • However, you may use any release from 8.5.0 forward
  • For custom classes specific to older RDz releases, contact [email protected]

Mainframe access:

  • Ideally your company will have installed the RDz server, which you will access during the class
  • However (if not) you may request a student TSO-ID for an IBM mainframe
  • In order to use the IBM mainframe you will need a specific port open on your workstation.
  • Instructions on connecting to the mainframe will be sent over eMail to registered participants

Course Topics

  • Terms and concepts
  • Workspaces and workspace preference setting
  • RDz product navigation
  • Manipulating/sizing views
  • Understanding and using Eclipse perspectives
  • Code analysis, using RDz’s visual analysis tools
  • Code editing
  • Syntax checking/validation
  • Content assist (custom and native)
  • Code review and COBOL coding standards checking
  • Property Groups and z/OS File Mapping
  • Understanding, developing and maintaining Property Groups to customize your experience
  • Mapping z/OS DSNs
  • Using the RDz Data tools:
  • Understanding and maintaining relational table test data
  • Coding and testing embedded and interactive SQL statements
  • Data management utilities (file allocation, etc.)
  • Remote search and application analysis:
  • Searching programs and local resources
  • Remote search (through libraries and data files)
  • Working with Batch Jobs and JCL
  • Creating and utilizing MVS Subprojects
  • Debugging z/OS applications