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Build A Robot Workshop

AI Process
Intelligent Automation & the Role of Robotic Process Automation & Machine Learning
Workshop Objective:

Enterprises worldwide are seeking to automate more operationally complex and customer-focused processes. Join us for hands-on training and change the way you work with HyperAutomation.

About This Workshop:

This workshop enables you to build a bot and later configure it to meet your own business wants and needs—use as an opportunity to automate work in the future.

RPA is the automation of a broad range of administrative, and sometimes tedious, jobs done through definitive software algorithms which interact with numerous applications and computer-centric mechanisms. Cognitive and analytical, RPA carries out transactional actions at the User Interface (UI) level. By eliminating the human element, RPA becomes an intangible asset. It handles high volumes of organized data for rules-based, anticipated, and repetitive tasks, saving both time and energy.

Who Should Take It?

This workshop can be taken by professionals such as those who are interested in automating UI workflows for their day to day work, IT professionals, accounting, operations, IT staff using RPA.

Deploying RPA in production
UI Automation & System Activities
Workflows and Data Manipulation
Leverage Intelligent Automation in your Enterprise
Tools and techniques for debugging workflow
RPA roles and scalability and security aspects of RPA
Front office vs back office robots and how to evaluate a good process to automate

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