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HCL Commerce Server Administration Introduction for Version 7 FEP 8

1 hr

Web-Based Training


Course objective:

In this course, you will learn about HCL Commerce Administration as a precursor to HCL Commerce Administration.

About this course

The course begins with the HCL Commerce editions, HCL Commerce architecture, and an introduction to the HCL Application Server, HCL Commerce server, and database. It introduces the HCL Application Server administration console and the HCL Commerce administration console that are used to perform administrative operations, feature pack enhancements such as HCL Commerce search and starter store enhancements, and fixes to feature packs. Subsequent units provide an overview of the site administrator role, tasks for HCL Commerce administration, the HCL Commerce configuration and installation options, and working with the HCL Commerce instance. This course would also provide an overview of HCL Commerce starter stores, store archives, and how to publish stores.

Who should take it?

This intermediate course is designed for system administrators or site administrators who want to manage the HCL Commerce server of HCL Commerce V7 systems.


You should ideally have experience with HCL Commerce or previous courses, and should have the following skills:

  • Basic database administration
  • Basic web server administration
  • Basic WebSphere Application Server administration
  • Experienced with Java EE and Java
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Basic knowledge on networking and server ports