Google Cloud Platform

GCP Workshop for Potential GCP Customers

Google Cloud Platform for Cloud Professionals

Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform to quickly innovate and transform your customers’ infrastructure & cloud environment

5 hrs

Instructor Led Training


Course Topics


  • Why choose Google Cloud
  • Trust / Multi-layered Security Approach / Compliance overview
  • The open-source way
  • Google Cloud Global Infrastructure


  • Regions and zones
  • Interacting with Google Cloud Platform
  • Resource Organization and Cloud IAM


  • Compute Options
  • Serverless in GCP
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Compute Engine Walkthrough
Cloud Run: Codelab Demo



  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • BigQuery
  • Other Options
Cloud SQL: Walkthrough
BigQuery: Codelab Demo



  • VPC
  • Cover load balancing / CDN
  • VPN
  • Shared VPC


  • Scheduler
  • Pub/Sub


  • Logging, Monitoring, and Observability in Google Cloud
  • Plan a well-architected logging and monitoring infrastructure.
  • Creating effective monitoring alerts and dashboards.
  • Define Service Level Indicators and Service Level Objectives.


  • Building CI/CD pipelines using Cloud Build and Container Registry.


  • Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine


  • Understanding your current architecture
  • Current Challenges
  • Reference architecture in GCP


  • Steps that guarantee successful PoC software launch


Must have experience in any other cloud.
Laptop with Google Chrome browser.

Course logistics:

This instructor-led course allows you to learn from Royal Cyber’s Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Architects.

Course Schedule

For details, contact [email protected]

  • After the Web seminars, you will be given lab-workshop exercises through email that incorporate the topics discussed. An instructor will help with questions by email and through random afternoon Q&A sessions that use the same web-conferencing system as the classes.

  • The workshops and hands-on lab exercises corresponding with the daily Web seminars will take between 2 to 4 hours a day to finish (depending on your level of experience). The exercises should be completed before the next web learning session.

Course Prerequisites


Hardware & Software

  • Any PC, you will need a browser (IE, Firefox, or Chrome) that is compatible to access a web-conferencing portal (no plug-ins or Active-x controls are necessary)


  • Public cloud experience

Get hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform