Xamarin is the one of the first of its kind mobile development platform for crafting cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Xamarin is being embraced by establishments small and large as it provides true native experience it provides, at the same time offering cross platform benefits.

Xamarin apps have a native look and feel as they have:

Native User Interfaces

Xamarin apps are built with typical, native user interface controls. They not only look the way the end user expects, they also behave that way.

Native API Access

Xamarin apps have full functional access to the core platform and device, which includes platform-specific capabilities such as Android Fragments and iBeacons.

Native Performance

Xamarin apps influence hardware acceleration, and are brought together for native performance. It cannot be achieved with solutions that intepret code during runtime.

Why should I opt for Xamarin?

Native User Experience

Build the efficiency and experience of a real native app using a fraction of the development struggle.

Usage of 3rd Party Libraries

Reuse all the existing objective C code libraries and Java code libraries or Android/ iOS libraries that do not

Sharing Code Across Platforms

Using the same APIs, data structures and language on every platform with C# codebase.
have browser needs.

Support for New Platform

Get the same day support for the most recent updates to the native platforms like Apple and Google.

Use the Preferred IDE

Make use of Xamarin Studio on Windows or Mac, or Visual Studio.

Royal Cyber & You

Royal Cyber’s partnership with Xamarin braces our mobile development services for our clients across different industries and industry verticals. This partnership supports our competency and expertise to design and develop innate mobile apps on Xamarin platform for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Advantages of our association include:

  • Developing cross-platform app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices in C#
  • App development for enterprises on Xamarin Platform
  • Migration & Porting of applications on Xamarin platform
  • Integrating third-party tools with Xamarin Application
  • Testing apps with Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Monitoring and analyzing application using Xamarin Insights

How Xamarin can help you?

Use the Preferred IDE

Using Xamarin’s code sharing abilities, you can reduce the time and cost of creating high-performing mobile apps across multiple platforms and devices.

Maximizing Resources

Using Xamarin, your current C# developers can create native apps for any platform from day one, by reducing the need to staff multiple developers.

Simply Create Native App Experience

Take standing advantage of all existing devices and platform functionality to bring in the richest possible experience.

Test and scan your app on over 1,000 devices

Run your app on our enormous and increasing collection of real devices. Choose the devices that fulfills the factors that are based on, manufacturer, operating system, or the ones that are popular in the market. We are including 100 devices every month, and we can even take request for specific device if you need.

Test on any device feature

  • Alter GPS location
  • Use and press physical controls
  • Initiate device camera
  • Rotate the device, swapping between landscape and portrait modes

Analyze app performance quickly

  • Catch the insight of video playback and screenshots of every step of the test.
  • Get performance data like CPU, memory, extent, etc.).
  • Compare reports alongside with earlier runs to find tailbacks and regressions.

Accelerate with continuous integration

  • Xamarin Test Cloud runs from nightly Visual Studio Online build and gets work items back in VSO from Test Cloud to fix the issues if any.
  • Integrates with Jenkins, TFS, TeamCity or any CI systems along with custom post-build commands.
  • Parallelization breaks test runs up and performs across several identical devices at the same time, considerably increasing testing velocity.

Test automators dedicated for you

  • Xamarin’s proficient automation engineers offer hands-on coaching to get you on track.
  • We help you learn to automate your app and also build & maintain a test suite.
  • Committed QA engineers get you up and running with Xamarin Test Cloud to ensure your continuous success.

Get to know how we transform the world of business

Get to know how we transform the world of business