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Enterprise modernization refers to the process of updating and upgrading a company’s technology, processes, and culture to keep pace with changing business needs and the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Through digital transformation, modernization aims to increase efficiency, agility, and innovation and ultimately to drive growth and competitive advantage.

Roadmap to Enterprise Modernization

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Modernize Your Mainframe Applications

What is Mainframe Modernization?

Mainframe modernization is the process of updating and enhancing legacy mainframe systems to meet current business needs. It involves adopting modern technologies and processes to improve performance, security, and flexibility while reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Royal Cyber’s Mainframe Modernization solutions allow you to modernize your legacy applications written in COBOL, DB2, CICS, and IMS. Conduct mainframe migration and upgrade your mainframe application with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Royal Cyber Mainframe Modernization Solutions

  • IDz
  • Z Virtualization on Laptop

  • RTCz
  • IBM Explorer
  • IBM Z Open Development

Advantages of Legacy Mainframe Modernization

Mainframe modernization allows you to meet business demand and embrace new technology

Increased Agility

Mainframe modernization helps companies adapt swiftly to changing demands within the business environment. The mainframe environment modernization process enables businesses to adopt cutting-edge technologies, such as a cloud platform, and AI, thus, accelerating time-to-market for new products and services.

Cost Effective

Complete migration of legacy applications can reduce costs. By re-platforming the mainframe environment, businesses can dramatically reduce infrastructure and operational costs without sacrificing existing investments. Mainframe modernization allows resources to be redirected from legacy systems to more strategic initiatives.

Improved Performance

A critical driver for mainframe modernization is the need to meet the scaling and processing requirements of contemporary applications. By migrating mainframe data to modern platforms and architectures, businesses can cater to the increasing volumes of customer data and transactions.

Enhanced Security

As cyber threats become more advanced and sophisticated, businesses must prioritize robust security measures to protect their sensitive data and critical systems. Mainframe modernization through technologies like blockchain and ML safeguards the enterprise against potential breaches.

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