Unicom Focal Point

Unicom Focal Point software offers integrated portfolio and product management capabilities to business users. Focal point helps to drive business value and innovation by allowing executives and leaders to prioritize investments; make actionable, objective decisions; perform scenario, statistical and financial analyses; and align project decisions with financial, and business needs.

Unicom Focal Point solutions for Communication Industry


Idea Management – Capture and Identify Winning Ideas

Implement an Idea Management Process

  • Automate tactical activities like idea capture
  • Information captured at all levels of the organization for consistent decision making process
  • Provide consistency to the evaluation and approval processes
    • I.e. Align Ideas to the Strategy of the organization


Product Management – Create the Right Product

  • Collaborate with SME’s to rapidly develop a Product Concept
    • Develop a business Case
    • Define Features
  • Pick the right feature combination
    • Prioritize and visualize customer needs to make better decisions about which requirements to implement
  • Roadmap Development
    • Plan releases to improve the speed and quality of delivery


Portfolio Management

  • Product Investment Visibility
    • Manage and monitor product portfolio as investments
  • Monitor the Portfolio
    • Track the Values of Product over time
    • Make kill/sunset decisions
  • Implement a decision making process that is visible and transparent
    • Align decisions to Strategies
    • Pick the right Products


Unicom Focal Point Advantages

  • A user friendly, 100% web based platform for requirements management, product management, and product portfolio management.
  • Plan the right product with the right features to be developed at the right time and the right cost
  • Optimize the revenue , value to the customer and cost of development
  • Automate request capture and provide consistency to the evaluation and approval process
  • Make trade-offs, based on the changing priorities of the organization and customer
  • Deliver investment visibility by monitoring market needs Vs total portfolio
  • Use objective information to support quick and accurate decision making
  • Reduce risks through improved cost estimation models