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SOA Testing

SOA Testing

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the way of planning, designing, growing, developing, deploying, and managing enterprise systems in order to ensure that business requirements and technical solutions are aligned closely.

SOA Testing Challenges

The common testing approach that is focused on coding and functional testing has evolved with traditional systems and web service architectures. Web application testing is initiated testing of business logic through the GUI, which is crucial when implementing new systems. Some of the SOA Testing challenges are:

Complex SOA Architectures
Non-existence of GUI in several service components
The focus on complete business scenarios vs. individual business logic
Usage of third-party services outside the organization
Security and performance to be considered
SOA testing is driven by data over business logic

Royal Cyber Testing Solutions

Royal Cyber offers a systematic approach and deep API testing skills. Our expertise in the latest web services technologies and tools enables our clients to overcome challenges associated with web service testing.

Royal Cyber SOA/API TESTING SERVICE Offerings:
Technology Migration Assurance which comprises of component testing of integrations, business testing, performance testing, interoperability testing, compliance testing, and security testing.
Complete Test Coverage Assurance for New Development for all areas of web services which includes:

  • Functional testing as per the service description document for technical and business requirements
  • Non-functional testing for performance, security, and interoperability
  • Governance and compliance testing for validating conformance to standards

Royal Cyber

SOA / API Testing Tool Expertise

Commercial Tools:

Parasoft SOAtest
CA DevTest
IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT)
IBM Rational Service Tester
Ready API
HP UFT- API Testing

Open Source Tools:


Royal Cyber

Process involved in SOA/API Testing Strategy

soa testing


Benefit of bottom-up approach aided by a feature rich toolset, mitigating the service and component-level challenges.
End-to-end business process validation initiated with real life cases alleviating IT and business threats.
Lessen system dependency and ensure timely testing using available testing windows, stubs, messages and service stimulators.
Test Automation framework (TEAF) for SOA RESTful services from Royal Cyber maximizes the ROI on your investments aiding continuous component, regression and integration testing.
Offering an agile environment for the testing process
Deliver excellence at all levels with test efficiency of your SOA implementations with our well-defined test process model across your enterprise.
Enabling Reusability of Services
Integrating Heterogeneous Systems
Enables Interoperability, increased speed of development
Enables faster Time-to-market