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Functional Testing

Royal Cyber Testing Practice offers Efficient Functional Test. Our Functional Testing Services are spread across user interfaces, database administration that simplifies testing and provides a unified user experience for greater cost savings and productivity improvements.

functional testing

Why Functional Testing?

Enhanced user experience
Functional suitability
Interface analysis

Functional Testing Techniques

Requirements-focused testing: Prioritizes requirements based on functional specifications in order to evaluate the most critical and important features.
Business scenarios-focused testing: Relies on information about the business requirements to evaluate the application’s performance for appropriate test cases.

Services We Provide In Functional Testing

Unit Testing
Smoke testing
Sanity Testing
Black Box Testing
Interface Testing
System Integration Testing
Regression Testing
Benefits of Functional Testing Services
  • Simulating actual software usage to discover potential problems before they impact users
  • Identifying and preventing defects early in the product lifecycle to reduce rework, improve quality and cut overall testing costs.
  • Making sure that the latest features and developments do not have unintended consequences to the current software quality
  • Functional testing to uncover possible quality issues and reduce time to resolution
Our Approach
  • In line development with dev teams to integrate testing
  • Based on well-defined user and business needs
  • Testing in many application lifecycle models like Iterative and Agile
  • Tailored to development lifecycle model and environment
  • Functional testing integration with backend systems
Benefits of Regression Testing
  • Regression testing can be very manual, laborious, and interrupt production operations if it is not done right. It’s important to have the right tools and process to optimize and automate it as much as possible.
  • The leap towards digital development adds time pressures and complication as QA teams struggle to stay up with longer test lists in regression packs.
  • Regression testing guarantees the quality of existing features. Very important, but the business values product enhancements more. As a result, necessary investments in regression testing can be a hard sell.
  • Priority-based regression testing and tracking for effective resource management and communication.

Our Functional Testing Clients