Test Automation

Business Process Management Testing

BPM testing

RC Business Process Management Services

Royal Cyber BPM testing services enables simplified test automation of multi-user BPM workflows.

Benefits to overcome usual

BPM test automation Pain Points

  • Common reusable multi user interaction scenarios prewritten to facilitate faster script preparation & automation coverage.
  • Unified Services automation along with end to end UI automation enables seamless integration of different types of tests.
  • Parallel execution & multiplatform test execution possible to enable high level of compatibility testing.
  • Intensive data driven testing possible by easy access of data tables within the script and from separate files for the automated test scripts
  • Simple test definition enables easy preparation and maintenance in the long run.

BPM Quality Goals

Simplify automated testing of various Business process flows, while being domain agnostic- high reusability across assignments/ projects.
Greatly simplify the overall test automation maintenance process so as to reap tangible benefits of test automation and ROI.
Moving focus from technical challenges of automated testing to actual testing of application under test.
Simplified and Robust test automation process for effective overall QA of the BPM Applications.
Faster deliveries by enabling out of box support for CICD.

A RoadMap of RC’s BPM Automation Services to

Achieve Quality Goals

Process Documentation
Backlog Grooming
Reporting Automation
Ticketing System
Test Support
(Pre-UAT, UAT, Pat)
Website Monitoring

Smart ways to

  • Requirements
  • Customer’s Feedback
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Project Scope
  • Project Plan
Design & Development
  • Task List
  • Functional Specification
  • Use Case
  • Sequence Diagram
  • Code & More Code
  • Test Scripts
Test & Validation
  • Test Report
  • Bug Report & Vvalidation
  • De-bugging & Fixes
  • Release Documentation
  • Product Support
  • Maintenance
  • Custom Development

Features & Benefits