Test Automation

Automation Testing

Royal Cyber approach on making uncomplicated & effortless test automation has helped our internal teams as well as our clients in reaping tangible & invaluable benefits in terms of Time saved, reduced effort & overall helped setup a high quality QA system that’s unparalleled in the industry.

At Royal Cyber we aim to simplify the QA process for 100% transparency & there by achieve an efficient and reliable set of processes that help QA teams perform at very high efficiency and ultimately deliver high quality products.

automation testing

Technical Challenges of Test Automation

Re-usability and Maintenance of test script.
Deeper level Verification and Validation.
Complex Test Scenarios.
CICD Compatibility (DevOps Practise)
Manual UI Validation
Parallel – Multi Platform support.

Challenges in aspect of Business

High Resource Utilization.
Cost Incurred.
Time Consumption
BU Insights
Technical Expert Shortage

Royal Cyber Approach & Process

Approach & Process

Services We Provide In Automation Testing

Functional testing
Mobile Testing
Cross-Browser Testing
Multi-Platform Testing
Responsive UI Testing
Integrated Testing
API Support Testing
Data-Driver & Database Testing

Benefits & Value – Added

BDD – Cucumber

Allows BU to grasp the test scenarios as the scripts are written in plain English language.

Galen UI

Responsive design layout testing and Image comparison is possible by describing Galen spec language.

Mobile Support

Enables enterprises to build applications that are scalable and accessible across multiple platforms.


Integrate with leading DevOps tools, CI/CD environments which automatically triggers the execution periodically

RC TEAF tool Comparison with existing tools

RC’s TEAF simplifies the technical aspect of test automation, so that every team member is an automation expert. Effective automation translates to high time saving and cost reduction thereby faster delivery of your products and enabling QA teams to focus on finding more bugs that ensure high quality overall.

RC TEAF tool Comparison