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Salesforce Reference Architecture

Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) blends proven methods in site creation, promotion and technical architecture to offer an OOTB design for merchants to build sites as distinctive as their brands.

Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture was set up using a data-driven design examination of over two thousand mobile storefronts to recognize the most appropriate UX approaches. Its futuristic architecture allows merchandisers and developers to create mobile experiences at high-speed.

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Storefront Reference Architecture

Understanding the SFRA Design Process

Mobile-First design best practices adopted to implement storefront features

Understanding the SFRA Design Process

Who is the SFRA intended for:

The new Salesforce storefront architecture is being created with two main audiences in mind:

Merchants who are beginning new site implementations with Commerce Cloud Or who are adding new brand as a new storefront in their current Salesforce CC.

Merchants who are making a major overhaul of their existing storefront.

Who is the Storefront Reference Architecture for?

Adoption options & scenarios available to customers today!

Who is the Storefront Reference Architecture for

For merchants who want to take advantage of the Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture, do they have to reimplement their entire digital platform?

Merchants do not have to reimplement their digital platform in order to take advantage of the Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture. All the pre-existing data, merchant rules, etc. built in Commerce Cloud Digital will remain unaffected.

Merchants can use the existing SiteGenesis architecture and the new Salesforce Storefront Reference Architecture across different brands or regions at the same time. For example, one brand or region could run on the Storefront Reference Architecture and another brand or region could run on SiteGenesis.



It differs from customer to customer based on current customization and integration complexities. On an average, it takes from 2 to 6 months to complete this implementation.

Migration Phases

Migration Phases

Salesforce Reference Architecture Success Stories

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