What is Sterling File Gateway ?

IBM Sterling File Gateway consolidates disparate centers of file transfer activity, and facilitates the exchange of file-based information securely, in any format, protocol, and file size through a centralized and secure B2B-enabled managed file gateway. It provides enhanced security and risk management with secure protocols, encryption methods, certificate types, digital signatures, and identity management tools to ensure data integrity. It gives visibility for better management, decision making, faster response, and more satisfied customers and business partners.

Why do we need Sterling File Gateway?

IBM Sterling File Gateway increases the reliability, security and scale for your B2B file exchange into one consolidated file gateway solution to simplify operations, reduce cost and support your expanding file transfer requirements.


  • Reduce total cost of ownership of Edge based file transfers
  • Accelerate time to revenue associated with onboarding trading partners
  • Improve trading partner satisfaction and service

Capabilities of Sterling File Gateway

  • File Transfer Visibility
  • File processing and routing
  • Communication Channels
  • Security
  • Predefined business processes
  • Replay/Redeliver
  • Extensibility
  • Integration

Our Service Offerings

  • Sterling File Gateway Installation and Configurations
  • Training Services
  • Create custom dashboard services
  • Build custom protocols
  • Migrate from Connect Enterprise to Sterling File Gateway
  • On Going Support

Why Royal Cyber ?

  • As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we have the expertise with IBM’s Sterling File Gateway.
  • Royal Cyber is exceptionally experienced with managed file transfer, predominantly as an element of a complete integration suite.
  • Our services are customized in a number of ways to suit your needs.
  • Irrespective of the size of your operation, Royal Cyber can help you procure, set up, manage as well as support the solution that fits right for your organization.


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