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Mitigate Risk, Prevent Security Threats & Cyber Attacks with ServiceNow SecOps

What Makes ServiceNow SecOps the Most Effective Security Platform?

Digital transformation is challenging for businesses. Business distributed across multiple offices requires adherence to strict security operational standards throughout the organization. With reports showing that the worldwide data security market is estimated at $97 billion, implementing full-size security frameworks is challenging and costly. It is particularly challenging for small and medium businesses. ServiceNow provides complete SSO operations (SecOps) solutions that help businesses manage security operations efficiently and effectively.

Manage Your Organization’s Threat Exposure
Know Your Security Posture
Prioritize Remediation

Benefits of ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

  • Improve incident response time by automating the incident management process.
  • Streamline vulnerability management by prioritizing and tracking vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure compliance with security policies and standards by continuously monitoring and assessing IT assets.
  • Increase visibility and proactively identify potential security threats with real-time threat intelligence.
  • Detect and remediate data loss incidents more effectively with streamlined DLP incident response workflows.

Which Roles Can Leverage ServiceNow SecOps?

Security Analysts

Investigate, prioritize, and respond to security incidents.

Vulnerability Management Teams

Manage vulnerabilities and track remediation efforts.

Compliance Teams

Monitor and assess the configuration of IT assets and ensure compliance with security policies and standards.

Threat Intelligence Analysts

Gather and analyze threat intelligence data.

Security Operations Managers

Monitor the effectiveness of security operations and make informed decisions.

Data Loss Prevention Teams

Detect and respond to data loss incidents.

ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) Modules

ServiceNow Security Tools from the Security Operations Suite

Security Incident Response: Automates the incident response process by prioritizing, categorizing, and assigning security incidents to the appropriate teams.

Vulnerability Response: Streamlines the vulnerability management process by prioritizing and tracking vulnerabilities and assigning tasks to remediate them.

Configuration Compliance: Ensures compliance with security policies and standards by continuously monitoring and assessing the configuration of IT assets.

Threat Intelligence: Provides real-time intelligence on potential threats by aggregating and analyzing data from various sources.

Performance Analytics for Security Operations: Provides metrics and insights to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations.

Event Management: Centralizes and correlates events from different sources to detect and prioritize security incidents.

DLP Incident Response: Provides a streamlined workflow to detect, investigate, and remediate data loss incidents.

Royal Cyber for ServiceNow SecOps

Provide Expert Service and Security infrastructure for Incident Response.

Implement Security Orchestration to prioritize incidents and security vulnerabilities.

Collaborate with security and IT operations teams to secure digital transformation without risk.

Ensure protection from critical incidents and delivery of critical business services.

Automate prioritized security incidents to prevent breaches.

Our ServiceNow SecOps Implementation Process

Four simple steps to make ServiceNow SecOps part of your enterprise IT ecosystem:


Our team identifies areas that can benefit from ServiceNow SecOps services and features.


Help your team adopt the ServiceNow SecOps platform for IT security management operations.


Provide ongoing management and support services for troubleshooting, essential support services, upgrades, etc.

Why Royal Cyber for ServiceNow SecOps?

  • 10+ years implementing ServiceNow specialty solutions.
  • With our consulting and implementation services, companies can leverage ServiceNow SecOps to help security teams locate vulnerabilities from internal and external sources.
  • Scale security capabilities to organizational strategic and functional needs.
  • Our team can guide your compliance teams and IT to handle security incidents with faster threat detection and incident response.

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