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Royal Cyber helps insurance companies provide self-service experiences to customers and free their staff for strategic initiatives in the insurance buyer journeys. From differentiating policyholder experience to connecting your business operations from front to back, our certified ServiceNow experts tailor solutions for the insurance industry by integrating workflows. We are also helping insurers deliver integrated, automated, anytime-anywhere service to their customers and employees.

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Top Insurance Industry Challenges

Complex regulations and compliance requirements

Rapidly evolving customer expectations

Legacy systems and limited visibility of IT infrastructure

No centralized place for projects and assets

Unstructured data with zero insights

Manual processes and low-level administrative tasks

Out of sync systems

Complex integrations

Reimagining your Core Insurance Processes

  • Full compliance with regulations

  • Higher CSAT score

  • Greater visibility of IT infrastructure

  • Centralized systems

  • Accurate data and insights

  • Automated and intelligent workflows

  • Higher operating margins

  • Lower risks of breaches

  • Higher operating efficiencies

Our ServiceNow Offerings

IT Service Management

IT Business Management

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

IT Operations Management

Software Asset Management

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