SAP Hybris Solr

Enhance Search Capabilities

SAP Hybris Search

SAP Hybris search is designed mainly to deal with products. There are no content page search functionalities in SAP Hybris. SAP Hybris utilizes Apache SOLR for search. SOLR empowers Hybris to introduce such features as facet search, fuzzy search & search-based category pages.

SOLR is a lot quicker than traditional databases that makes SOLR one of the best choices for e-commerce solutions.

Royal Cyber helps optimize Solr Hybris search that allows shoppers to find products reliably and speedily, bettering the quality of the shopper experience and boosting conversions.

Solr Features

Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities

Highly Scalable and Fault Tolerant

Optimized for High Volume Traffic

Comprehensive Administration Interfaces

Extensible Plugin Architecture

Faceted Search and Filtering

Easy Monitoring

Our Services

Royal Cyber offers Hybris Solr search configuration, integration and relevancy tuning that provide the products shoppers want to buy. We offer best practice advisory, architecture and search optimization services that take Hybris to a new level. Our services include:

Solr installation, configuration & integration

Optimization to assure relevancy, indexing speed, and query performance

Design for high availability that scales for current and future volume

Dispersed search strategies & architecture for disaster recovery & replication

Solr performance tuning, load balancing & testing


Our experience in Hybris along with our deep Solr expertise enables us to achieve improvements quickly and efficiently. Work with us to get the below benefits:

Dramatically improve keyword search results
Adjust for precision and recall
Improve autocomplete results in the search box
Refine content using machine learning, entity extraction, classification, & metadata
Advanced storage options