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New Version Highlights 2211

SAP Commerce Cloud 2211 delivers a headless experience making business future-ready with its advanced OCC APIs, B2B punchout enhancements, and dedicated support.

Customers expect frictionless, seamless experiences. Deliver an immersive and interactive storefront across physical and digital to drive engagement and loyalty among the customer base. In this release, SAP has included their battle-tested, modern storefront and previous open-source project, Spartacus. They have rebranded it, and it is now available as SAP Commerce Cloud, composable storefront, a fully supported enterprise product from SAP.

Gain Agility with a Composable and Decoupled Storefront

SAP Commerce Cloud, a composable storefront provides templates and enhancements for B2B and B2C use cases, including:

  • Screen reader and accessibility improvements that empower visually impaired users to discover and shop for products easily
  • Integration of login and registration pages with SAP Customer Data Cloud to reduce implementation efforts and enable customization of forms to reflect the customer brand and business needs
  • Additional convenience to delight users with CMS and Video components, Add to Cart from Carousel, Clear Cart, Show Password
  • Improvements to the architecture that enables developers to release higher-quality code quickly and with fewer bugs.

Enable Optimal Engagement for Customers using Intelligent Selling Services

With AI-powered personalized recommendations across all touchpoints, SAP Commerce Cloud provides the tools to position the right product to the right customer at the right time. This release includes Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) innovations that leverage AI and promote contextual product discovery by:

  • Using first-party data through a deep learning model to generate product recommendations based on crowd wisdom.
  • Solving the cold start problem for new product introductions using closely related product data and fostering new product discovery.
  • Creating personalized and engaging experiences that leverage shopper search queries to identify and propose the next best products.
  • Configuring options to deliver product recommendations based on inventory data.
Trust, Efficiency, and Compliance on a Global Scale

While maintaining the security of customer data to enable fast, efficient, and safe deployments on a global scale. The latest enhancements mean faster time to market, lower maintenance costs, reduced operational cost, and reduced risk for security management while having faster deployments. They include:

  • Build multiple stores and brand sites in the same back end with ease by providing discrete permissions per store for the same user and restricting access to store-aware items based on each store’s user group.
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly rollbacks caused by unexpected differences between upgraded and live deployments with SAP Commerce Cloud blue-green deployments and ensure that the brand is always accessible to the customers.
  • Improve the system administrator experience and remove the stress of new deployments by using a new self-service performance tool to get early insights and help build mitigation plans for experience-impacting performance issues.
Improve Order Visibility for B2B Customers

The latest APIs allow businesses to authorize users to view the details of orders placed by other colleagues in the organization with shared, unit-level order views. Users can only view orders placed by others who are in equivalent or lower-ranking roles, such as peers or reports.

Increase Sales by Expanding Product Offerings

Increase the visibility of products and simplify the search process for buyers with Level 2 PunchOut support. Instead of searching multiple supplier sites, buyers can search for PunchOut items and deep-link to product detail pages on SAP Commerce Cloud-powered storefronts from within their own, familiar procurement applications.

Support Decoupled Front and Back-Ends with New OCC APIs

Several new OCC APIs increase agility and support a further-decoupled front end and back end. Among the new OCC APIs are:

  • Assisted Service Module 360 view – Offers improved customer data retrieval for service agents.
  • Buy Online, Pick up in Store – Customers can set their preferred store and enter pick-up instructions.
  • reCAPTCHA – Verify user authenticity during registration.

Themes and Branding

The Backoffice provides two themes by default: SAP Quartz Light, SAP Quartz Dark, and SAP Morning Horizon, with the default theme being SAP Morning Horizon. Set an organizational theme that applies to all users across all devices or allow users to select their own theme that is applied to the current login user only.

User Profile

This helps to manage the Backoffice experience and navigate to the profile. Control your Backoffice credentials, language, and appearance settings from the User Profile menu.

Maximize SAP Investment with End-to-End Integrations

Leverage existing business processes such as pricing, credit limits, and inventory in real time. Unlock self-service orders, reorders, and returns, and provide accurate and up-to-date invoice information.

Upgrade to a more innovative, agile, and composable commerce experience for your customers 

and your organization with SAP Commerce Cloud 2211.

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Upgrade Process


  • New Feature Evaluation
  • Functional & Technical requirements
  • Sprint planning & POCs

Upgrade Assessment

  • Upgrade strategy & questionnaire
  • Code and Fit-gap Analysis
  • Elucidate project scope
  • Estimates, timeframe, & project team
  • Assessment report

Upgrade Execution

  • Environment setup
  • Code & data migration
  • Design new features
  • Functional test, User acceptance test, & Regression test


  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvement

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