YouTube widget for Sap Hybris

Customers are far more confident in making purchase decisions
when they see and experience the product through videos.

YouTube widget for SAP Hybris supports retailers engage shoppers with more immersive and distinct experience through video marketing.

Engage Shoppers
Videos provide broad visual insight into the products and are a proven way to engage shoppers with an enticing shopping experience. This is an added advantage of micro-moments, for example when customer turns to YouTube for product tips and recommendations.
Solid YouTube Framework
The widget has a blazing fast YouTube CDN network to make the videos load as quickly as possible. Besides speed, this also means you need not worry about higher bandwidth issues. It comes as a free package which is reliable with a secured storage.
Aid Shopping Decisions
Convert interested window-shoppers to paying customers! Customers are far more assured in making purchase decisions when they see or experience the product through the videos. For the retailer, this is a better means to convert!
Easy Deployment Options
The widget is easily configurable in Hybris through the Store Features. Page/Flow wise configuration is open where this feature can be allowed or restricted. The video itself can be loaded from a Local File Repository or from YouTube Servers.