SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS)

Quickly Enhance and Build New,
Highly Flexible E-Commerce Solutions

SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS)

The rapid adoption of new technologies in e-commerce poses new challenges for businesses to achieve time to market and increased revenue. SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS) allows users to quickly add new capabilities to their existing e-commerce solutions.

YaaS offers a cloud-based workbench for building and assembling data driven front-office microservices and SaaS applications that enhance commerce offerings. It helps add new functionality to e-commerce sites without interruption and accelerates time to market.

Transition from
Monolithic Architecture to

How your Business can Benefit from YaaS ?

Accelerate time to market

Support an iterative or agile business

Scale flexibly

Gain infrastructure and project savings

Transform their IT architecture into manageable building blocks

Increase productivity

Cooperate efficiently with third-party services and software providers

YaaS Consulting Services

As an early mover in the YaaS space, Royal Cyber has invested heavily into developing market-leading YaaS service for our client needs.

We offer our clients the expertise to:

Integrate new and existing YaaS microservices
into SAP Hybris
Leverage YaaS microservices as a standalone, cloud-based e-commerce solution
Build new YaaS microservices
from scratch
Develop YaaS components on different infrastructure
levels to support the full YaaS lifecycle

Why Choose Us ?

Royal Cyber is SAP Hybris Silver Partner and offers end-to-end consulting and implementation services for your eCommerce business.

We offer a wide range of pre-built solutions and accelerators to help clients quickly achieve capabilities in key areas of business. Thereby helping them have incomparable experience that result in greater ROI.

With more than ten years of international experience creating custom solutions for our global clientele, Royal Cyber offers efficient services to help your business gain competitive edge.

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