Google Address Suggestion for
Sap Hybris

Facilitate faster checkout and weed out bad addresses!

Improved Registration & Checkout!

Enhanced User Experience
Shoppers can save considerable amount of time during registration and checkout without having to fill complete address.
Prevents Address Typos
Accurate addresses results in reduced shipment returns which occurs because of incorrect addresses.
Easy Integration
Loads of references and guides are available to integrate Google Address Suggestion Widget into SAP Hybris platform.
Solid Google Framework
The widget features over 95 Million businesses and POIs and is supported by the same database that is used by Google Maps.

Flexible & Configurable

The Google Address Suggestion Widget from Royal Cyber is thoroughly tested and compatible with SAP Hybris. With little modifications, widget can be made to work with every store module.
Addresses are got straight from Google Servers. A one-time configuration of Google Key is necessary.
Multiple configure options are available to partially enable/disable and also switch to full manual mode if Google Services are down or slow.