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SAP Commerce ( Hybris ) 1811

SAP Commerce ( Hybris ) 1811 contains key enhancements that focus on enabling consent and personal data management to help organizations become compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The added features also include new content management and personalization capabilities to SAP Hybris Commerce customer experience and search & navigation. Moreover, other new features are added to SAP Hybris Commerce product content management and enhancements to integrations with products in SAP portfolio.

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GDPR Capabilities
  • Available as part of B2C and B2B accelerator, user consent management allows both anonymous and registered users to give consent for their personal data to be captured and processed.
  • The consent check is also extended to personalization based on “SmartEdit” to obtain user consent before collecting customer data for offering personalized content. Personalized data is annotated and available for reporting.
  • Account closure allows customers who have closed their registered accounts with a transparent mechanism to delete or retain their personal data.
  • Personal data reporting in the customer support backoffice allows generation of reports or personal customer data that is captured to be provided to the customer on request. Data annotation framework allows easy configuration of personal customer data so that it can be flagged and used for personal data reporting

These capabilities offer several key benefits:

Enhancements To SAP Hybris Commerce Customer Experience
  • For personalization, multi country site support is added enabling content managers to personalize experiences for the audience of their local catalogs.
  • Combine view functionality now has option to include target groups that are not affecting the page
  • SmartEdit users can now create components by cloning the existing components and now move any page to trash if they no longer required that page. Users can now also convert shared content slots into non-shared content slots.  
  • With these enhancements to SAP Hybris Commerce customer experience, we can increase the flexibility of personalization, enhance customer experience, drive sales and increase conversion.
Ecommerce Site Performance Improvements
Search And Navigation
Search and navigation in 6.6 adds an enhanced search experience based on personalization features.
With the new commerce customization support for search profiles, business users can activate search profiles in the personalization mode of SmartEdit to boost and promote products and enhance facet search for users that match a specific target group.
Additionally, there is an improvement in SOLR security with SSL support with authentication and authorization using the security framework of SOLR.
With the search and navigation enhancements, we can offer a personalized experience for product search.
New Features In SAP Hybris Commerce Product Content Management

With the new Microsoft Excel import and export feature, we can export selected products and perform mass editing through the spreadsheet and then reimport them again.

We can also download an empty excel sheet that is prepopulated with all the attributes defining the system and import new products using this excel template.