Shaping the Future of ITSM with ServiceNow
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The Now Assist Experience: Shaping the Future of ITSM with ServiceNow

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Elevate Your ITSM with GenAI: Now Assist's Game-Changing Capabilities

Many organizations face the challenge of enhancing productivity, improving user experiences, and fostering agility across departments. Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly into daily operations poses a considerable hurdle for some

Discover the ServiceNow Now Assist, a revolutionary solution for Now Platform users that brings GenAI capabilities to every corner of your company. Unlike traditional AI integrations, Now Assist seamlessly joins the existing array of AI capabilities on the Now Platform, eliminating the need for extensive integration projects. This game-changing tool empowers organizations to enhance productivity, revamp user experiences, and accelerate agility effortlessly.

Join us to experience the future of AI-powered ITSM firsthand with Now Assist with ServiceNow! Register now to reserve your spot at "The Now Assist Experience" and take the first step towards shaping the future of ITSM with ServiceNow.

Our Speakers

Rahul Kumar Shandilya

Rahul Shandilya​

Sr. ServiceNow Solution Architect

Syed Basheer

Syed Basheer​

Senior Vice President of Technology

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Future of ITSM with ServiceNow

Event Highlights

Opening Keynote

  • Welcome and Introduction

Understanding the Challenge

  • Real-world Perspectives on AI Integration Challenges.

Now Assist in Action

  • Witness live demonstrations and see how Now Assist transforms IT workflows.

Explore Real-World Use Cases

  • Showcasing Now Assist's Impact Across Diverse Industries and Business Functions.


The Now Assist Experience: Shaping the Future of ITSM with ServiceNow