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Simplify and Speed Up IIB-to-ACE Migration

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Embrace the Future of Integration with I2AC Solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise integration, staying ahead is crucial. IBM has recently announced the end-of-life support for IIB (IBM Integration Bus), signalling a shift towards the next-generation integration platform - ACE (App Connect Enterprise).

Are you facing the challenges of manual migration projects, experiencing countless hours of effort and substantial costs? We understand the need for a solution that simplifies and accelerates the migration process seamlessly. Join us for an exclusive event where our integration experts introduce you to the cutting-edge I2AC solution meticulously crafted by Royal Cyber.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your integration landscape. Join us for an informative and engaging session that will redefine the way you approach migration projects. The I2AC solution by Royal Cyber is your key to a seamless migration from IIB to ACE.

Empower your enterprise with automation, efficiency, and innovation!

Our Speakers

Farooq Zubairi

Farooq Zubairi​

Middleware Practice Lead

Syed Basheer

Syed Basheer​

Senior Vice President of Technology

RC USA Office Networking

Event Highlights

Opening Keynote: The Era of App Connect Enterprise

a. The current state of IIB support
b. Understanding the need for migration

Challenges of Manual Migration

a. Learn about the pitfalls of manual migration projects.

Introduction to I2AC Solution

a. Explore the innovative features that set I2AC apart.
b. Discover how I2AC addresses these challenges efficiently.
c. Benefit and ROI of I2AC

Benefits & Demo of I2AC Solution

a. I2AC in action

Networking and Q&A

Simplify and Speed Up IIB-to-ACE Migration