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Performance Assessment
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Executive Dashboard & KPIs

Royal Cyber executive dashboard and KPIs is a one stop solution to get the complete picture of the performance related metrics. It is a generic solution with an in-built ability to customize it for any organization based on the client’s MBOs.

The dashboard covers Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) activities. The dashboard consists of three tabs given below each tab contains multiple widgets depicting various performance metrics.

Change Requests

It gives a high level information of work item Change Request. The widgets under change request include:

  • Monthly CR Deployment Trend
  • Active CRs State Wise
  • Active CRs Section Wise
  • Average Days in State for Deployed CRs
  • Average CR Life Deployed Monthly
  • Delayed CRs
Work Item Defects

It gives a high level information of work item Defect. The widgets under Defect include:

  • Monthly Defect Closure/Deployment Trend
  • Active Defects Section & State Wise
  • Average Days in State for Closed/Deployed Defects
  • Average Defect Life Deployed Monthly
  • Delayed Defects
  • Active Defects Priority vs Severity
Task & Work Allocation

It gives a high level information of task and work allocation. The widgets under Task and Work Allocation include:

  • Work Allocation Department Wise
  • Work Allocation Iteration Wise
  • Active Tasks Type Wise
  • Active Tasks Team Wise
  • Delayed Tasks Team Wise
  • .