Rational Software Modeler

The IBM® Rational Software Architect family is the powerful integrated design and development solution you need to reduce software development risk and deliver applications faster.

Rational Software Modeler is a robust, scalable solution for requirements elaboration, design, and general modeling

Reason, communicate, and collaborate more efficiently. Automate development and deployment. Deliver more, faster, more predictably, and at less cost

Features and Benefits

Integration with IBM Rational Team Concert. Connect your design and development artifacts to projects, change requests, and work items and view them all in a common, project-oriented contexts

Keep your design and development efforts on track and enable more effective team collaboration

Integration with IBM Rational RequisitePro. Requirements perspective for browsing requirements in RequisitePro, creating links to model elements and development artifacts, visualizing traceability, and more

Ensure that solutions fulfill requirements. Linkages from requirements through analysis and design to implementations enables

  • Impact analysis, to improve risk management, planning, and project outcomes
  • Traceability analysis to support governance and compliance

Integration with IBM Rational Requirements Composer. Import use-case and process sketches

Leverage your business-driven requirements elicitation and capture efforts propagating them into the technical architect’s environment for subsequent elaboration, discovery of deeper-level requirements, and progression to design and development

Integration with IBM Rational System Architect. Interchange architectural building blocks

Ensure that your solution- and project-level work is aligned with the best-practice patterns and guidelines of your Enterprise Architecture. Ensure that your Enterprise Architecture remains “fresh” and reflects valuable new innovations and best practices identified as part of solution and project-level development activities

Integration with IBM Rational Asset Manager. Manage a variety of architectural assets including models, model subsets, deployment topologies, infrastructure templates, infrastructure type specifications, profiles, patterns, and transformations

Ensure that high-value re-usable assets are vetted through review processes. Ensure they are securely stored and indexed for easy discovery and retrieval. Collect business intelligence about what assets are being used where, and what value is being derived

Web Publication and Reporting. Create reports, documentation, Web sites that can be reviewed by all stakeholders Powered by Eclipse technology

More effective, visual communication and collaboration ensures better outcomes Adapt and extend your development environment with other IBM, 3rd-party, and custom Eclipse plug-ins and products that match your needs