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Rational Software Architect

IBM Rational Software Architect is a leading-edge and comprehensive modeling and development environment that uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for designing architecture for C++ and Java EE (JEE) applications, web services and end-to-end software delivery. It also includes features for automatic code generation

Features include:

  • Built on Eclipse
  • Supports UML
  • Supports model-to-code and code-to-model transformations.
    • Forward transformations go from:
      • UML to Java
      • UML to C#
      • UML to C++
      • UML to EJB
      • UML to WSDL
      • UML to XSD
      • UML to CORBA Interface Description Language (IDL)
      • UML to structured query language (SQL)-based logical data models as supported by IBM Rational Data Architect software
    • Reverse transformations go from
      • Java to UML
      • C++ to UML
  • Includes all of the capabilities of IBM Rational Application Developer
  • Enables model management for parallel development and architectural re-factoring, e.g., split, combine, compare and merge models and model fragments
  • Provides visual construction tools to expedite software design and development