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Rational Publishing Engine

Document generation has been an exhaustive task. Often System Engineers are facing problems to easily generate cross-product documents, specially for products involved in application lifecycle management .Actually such ALM tools does not provide any support to design the layout of a document due to which generated document may have all the required data but not being in good presentable form.

There may be challenges like creating a correct document in the correct format at the correct time. Also gathering data from disparate data sources can be a daunting task and of course you would really appreciate if this whole document generation activity is up-to-date.

IBM Rational Publishing Engine provides automated document generation capability for IBM rational products and selected 3rd party tools. It can automatically extract data from information stored in disparate repositories and creates sophisticated and stylish multi-format documents. Whether you need documents for ad hoc use, formal reviews, contractual obligations, or regulatory compliance , Rational Publishing engine can provide you an excellent user friendly environment to achieve your target in no time.

Rational Publishing Engine Features:

Easy & Elegant

  • Document creation made simple
  • High performance document generation
  • High quality, elegant documents
  • Re-useable by saving and using Snippiest

Tool Integration

  • Supports re-usable wizards for generating documents from within the supported tools such as Rational DOORS, Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Tau, and Rational ClearQuest

XML & API Support

  • Supports XML data source schema which enables service to generate documents by using templates
  • Can generate documents and publish remotely using integrated API