Rational Manual Tester

Rational® Manual Tester is a manual test authoring and execution tool that improves testing quality

Rational Manual Tester features and functionality are now part of IBM Rational Quality Manager.

Features and Benefits

Manual test authoring

IBM Rational Quality Manager integrated rich manual test. Testers are provided with a rich text editor that can capture textual test steps alongside embedded images. Using this editor, testers can record the test steps that must be executed in order to validate a given function of their application.

Manual test assisted data entry and validate

IBM Rational Quality Manager allows you to embed test data as a property of a given test step. During test execution, manual tester will populate the Windows clipboard with this text, so that the user can paste the text into the application. This eliminates transcription errors for testers. For validating data, users can copy data from the application to the clipboard. Rational Quality Manager can then compare this to baseline data stored as part of the test, highlighting any discrepancies in the test log.