Rational Functional Tester

Features and Benefits

Simplify test creation and visualization with Storyboard testing

Enable non-technical quality professionals to collaborate in the quality process by leveraging Rational Functional Tester’s Storyboard Testing capability, where test actions are represented in a visual storyboard format. Using this storyboard, novice and professional testers alike are easily able to communicate and understand their test flow as well as edit their test actions without ever having to read or write a single line of test script code.

Provides Lifecycle traceability

IBM Rational Functional Tester provides Jazz integration to support collaborative application lifecycle management. Jazz Eclipse Client Version 2.0 integration provides Rational Functional Tester access to work items within Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager. Additionally enhanced SCM integration with Rational Team Concert supports the management and sharing of test assets

Ensure playback resilient to application changes with ScriptAssure technology

Frequent changes to an application’s user interface can hamper test script execution. IBM Rational Functional Tester introduces an advanced ScriptAssureT technology to accommodate these changes and avoid increases in maintenance overhead. ScriptAssure uses fuzzy matching algorithms to locate objects during test execution, even if the objects have changed since test creation.

Validate dynamic data with dynamic data validation wizard

Validating dynamic data, such as time stamps or order confirmation numbers can be tedious time consuming task, involving complex manual coding. IBM Rational Functional Tester includes wizard driven support for regular expression dynamic data validation. Users can effortlessly validate dynamic data against template patterns without having to write complex code.

Increase script re-use with wizard for data driven test creation

Data driven tests are functional tests that perform the same series of test actions, but with varying data. IBM Rational Functional Tester can automatically detect data entered during test recording and prepare the test for data-driven testing. Using a spreadsheet-like data editor, you can then create customized data sets to be used by the test during playback. In this way, you can achieve test script re-use without time consuming manual coding.

Streamline automation with keyword testing

Rational Functional Tester provides ability to define and automate keywords which can be reused in both functional and manual tests. This promotes script reuse and enables manual testers to easily and selectively leverage the power of automation within manual test cycles.

Choice of test editing language – Java or Visual Basic .NET

Test script customization is mandatory in order to perform anything but the most basic tests. IBM Rational Functional Tester gives you a choice of powerful, mainstream scripting languages to make this possible. Choose between either Java or Visual Basic .NET – both options can be used with all the supported user interface technologies. By working with Functional Tester, testers quickly learn to work with basic language constructs and acquire programming skills that facilitate more productive communication with developers.

Proxy SDK

Allows testers to extend automated functional testing support for custom controls.

Test script version control for parallel development

Typically, more than one version of an application is deployed within an organization, and testers must therefore maintain groups of tests for each version. Without the help of automated version control, this can be extremely difficult. IBM Rational Functional Tester is designed to support automated version control, which not only provides a mechanism to maintain multiple test sets, but also enables parallel development and supports geographically dispersed teams.

Linux test editing and test execution support

For cross-platform Java applications, IBM Rational Functional Tester offers scripting to create, edit, and execute tests on the Linux platform – including everything except a test recorder. It also supports the Windows platform for all recording, editing, and execution capabilities.

Includes support for testing 3270/5250 terminal-based applications

Rational Functional Tester includes support for automation and testing of zSeries®, iSeries®, and pSeries® applications. This supports provides users with the ability to automate applications accessed via terminal emulator.

Includes support for Siebel® and SAP® applications.

IBM Rational Functional Tester includes support for automation and testing of Seibel and SAP applications. This support provides users with the ability to recognize and work with all controls in these ERP environments.

Includes support for Adobe Flex applications

IBM Rational Functional Tester includes support for automation and testing of Adobe Flex applications. This support provides users with the ability to recognize and work with applications built with Adobe Flex technology.