Rational DOORS

IBM® Rational® DOORS® contains proven capabilities that can help increase quality and efficiency by optimizing requirements communication and collaboration. Rational DOORS, a scalable solution for managing project scope and cost, helps your projects meet business goals, satisfy customer needs, and address applicable regulations and standards.

DOORS, a leading solution for requirements management, provides:

  • A collaborative requirements management environment that allows all stakeholders to actively participate in the requirements process
  • The ability to manage changing requirements
  • Powerful life cycle traceability to help teams align their efforts with the business needs and measure the impact that changes will have on everything from business goals to development
  • Informal requirements discussions
  • Scalability to address your requirements management needs
  • Ability to exchange requirements data with other requirements management tools
  • Test Tracking Toolkit for small-scale test environments
  • Integrates with the enterprise architecture, product portfolio management, model-driven development, quality management, and change and release management solutions from IBM and third party companies