Rational Build Forge

  • IBM® Rational® Build Forge® is an adaptive process execution framework.
  • It automates, orchestrates, manages, and tracks all the processes between each handoff with in the assembly line of software development, creating an automated software factory.
  • Rational Build Forge integrates into your current environment
  • It supports major development languages, scripts, tools, and platforms.
  • Allowing you to continue to utilize your existing investments while adding valuable capabilities around process automation, acceleration, notification, and scheduling.

The Build Forge Consists of

  • The Rational Build Forge Management Console
  • The Build Forge Agent

Features and Benefits

IBM® Rational® Build Forge® Enterprise Edition is an adaptive execution framework that automates and accelerates software assembly processes for improved repeatability, reliability, and faster software and systems delivery.

Features & Benefits Web console for user access and administration

Central, real-time access to software assembly processes from anywhere, anytime

Job process optimization

Run jobs the smartest way possible – Rational Build Forge has the ability to analyze, sequence and optimize job runs

Project configuration snapshots

Manage known good configurations and templates. Preserve historical process definitions

Dynamic server management

Distributes jobs across a server pool to accelerate software assembly cycles

Compatible with existing scripts, batch files, development tools and processes

Integrate into your current environment to leverage your existing investments and for quick start-up

IBM Installation Manager

Provides the same installation experience on both Windows and UNIX

Application programming interface (API)

Provides greater flexibility and choices for customers who wish to customize and extend Rational Build Forge

Integrations with leading IDEs

Provides self service access to software assembly processes and allows you to work in your preferred environment

Role-based security and user authentication (including password encryption)

Secure and controlled user access

Audit logging and complete ‘bill of materials’ report

Facilitates faster problem resolution, better reproducibility and compliance management

Add on Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere

Provides automation for the development, deployment and patching of WebSphere and Portal environments

Out of the box reports

Improves visibility and identifies bottlenecks for improved operations over time

Add-on advanced reporting with IBM Rational Build Forge Quick Report

Zero-footprint web client to quickly create, modify and run ad-hoc reports for custom views of software assembly information

Multiple scheduling options

Meet individual project needs with both as-needed and scheduled jobs

Parallel execution, threading

Run jobs concurrently for faster completion


Automatic notifications allow for quick identification and resolution of issues

Distributed, multi-platform support

Seamlessly work across different environments enterprise-wide

Unicode support

Support for international projects

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) data feeds

Receive real-time, targeted information

Configurable User Interface (UI)

Point to any other tool for clearer integration between tools, and easy and fast access

Out of the box adaptors

Achieve an integrated project view with integrations to leading software configuration management, testing and software change management solutions

Add on easy integration with additional 3rd party and proprietary tools with IBM Rational Build Forge Adaptor Toolkit

Broaden the vision and control with this expanding linking capability

Advanced globally distributed development features

Provides support for medium to large teams (up to 150 users)