Product Information Management for Syndicating All the Product Information

Promising a Perfect Product Data

Enterprises need a 360-degree view of their product, as many companies do not have a transparent and a stable process established in their product information chain, Product 360 provides a holistic view of the product, from data migration and data management to multichannel commerce. This information improves the search engine visibility as it shrinks product returns, increases customer satisfaction, escalates sales and achieves a competitive advantage through well-managed information. Centrally managed product information decreases the need for resources and guarantees the product availability in many sales channels.

Royal Cyber Advantage

With over a decades experience in successful Product 360 solution delivery to all our retail clients globally, Royal Cyber has widespread knowledge on how to quickly deploy solutions at low risk. Our value proposition comprises of:

  • IT implementation based on pre-configured solutions with Informatica Product 360
  • Quickly recognizing opportunities and evaluating the business impact of Product 360 solutions
  • IT implementation based on pre-configured solutions with Informatica Product 360
  • Accelerators and methods for quicker implementation at lower cost
  • We have built strategic partnership with Informatica, enabling us to provide appropriate Product 360 offerings
  • We have worked extensively with large number of clients from several industries in several technologies helping us deliver unique value to each commitment.
  • We can help you reckon the data silos and integrate the same in the Product 360 platform.


  • Assessing business problems and requirements, and building Product 360
  • Delivering incremental benefits and ensuring alignment with the organization’s overall IT roadmap
  • Product 360 Evaluation & Solution Design
  • Product 360 Solution Implementation
  • Governance & Change Management
  • Optimizing business processes for reduced time to market
  • Enabling supplier touch points for maintenance of product master data
  • Laying the foundation for other master data domains–customers, suppliers, vendors
  • Content Publishing & Syndication across all channels

Key Benefits of Our Solution

Real-time Delivery

Optimized digital and product data content across all channels.

Integrate Different Systems

Our integration framework seamlessly fetches data

Successful Omnichannel

Single-platform with PIM, OMS, and eCommerce ensures optimized information across all channels.

Expand eCommerce

Expanding the list of features of the items improves the search on the eCommerce platform.

Unlimited Item Attributes

Add unlimited product details with a single click

Endless Sharing

Countless options to share between manufacturers, retailers, and distributors