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The Premium version of Google Analytics is intended to provide standard Google Analytics product with specific enterprise level requirement basically intended for medium to large-scale organizations.

Why Google Analytics Premium?

  • Get precise and un-sampled data
  • Control and ownership of all brand data remains with the client
  • Create up to 30% Media Efficiencies with Noble Prize winning science
  • Get 200 custom dimensions and metrics
  • Get fresh data within 15 minutes (4Hr SLA

Practical benefits of using Google Analytics Premium

  • Access to non-sampled data
  • Guarantees on service levels, reporting and data ownership
  • Tailored Service from a Premium partner
  • Powerful, secure, reliable
  • More High Quality Data
  • Roll-up reporting
  • 10 times more custom variables
  • Client owns their data
  • Unlimited personalized support

Our Services

  • Defining your KPIs & business goals
  • Attribute conversions & determine ROI
  • Setting-up analytics and integrate it with relevant tools
  • Setting-up conversion & eCommerce tracking
  • Aligning your objectives & goals with key stakeholders
  • Guide your team on how they can make the best use of analytics
  • Defining and segmenting of your user base
  • Conduct A/B test and optimize important web pages
  • Create automated dashboards for key stakeholders
  • BigQuery (Big Data) Analysis Projects

Why Royal Cyber?

  • Dedicated Support
  • Expert Consultancy and Installation
  • Largest Number of Premium Clients
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Expertise in driving actionable insights through analytics
  • World Class Support
  • Training

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