hybris Order Management lets you to streamline your order processing channel and making them fast and secure. Your customer wants ‘easy shopping’ i.e.

Does it looks tough to do? hybris Order Management System (OMS) for Omni Commerce assists you in making your order management system more smooth and productive. It lets you to manage your customers order from a centralized source so that you can align & manage orders made through different channels more quickly. It also helps you to buckle-up with your resellers and suppliers to tune-up your order processing channel and reducing the stock overhead issues so that you deliver incomparable service to your customers.

How hybris Order Management System (OMS) simplifies your order processing channel?

  • A central order management platform for orders made via different points of contact
  • Record of inventory and stocks
  • Transparency in order lifecycle i.e. from capturing till fulfillment
  • Flexible order fulfilment options such as buy online return in store or buy online pick in store
  • 3 step order fulfilment support i.e. pick, pack and dispatch
  • With OMS Cockpit, it’s easy to manage workflows involved in order processing
  • Easy mechanism of handling order cancellation
  • Details & in-depth audit of transactions
  • Enables you to integrate the commerce suite with shipping/logistic vendors
  • Easy way of entertaining the recurring orders
  • Allows you for partial delivery by splitting the orders into consignments
  • Easy mapping of orders according to country, stock level, warehouse etc.
  • Integration with other commerce services such as carriers, payment processing, address or fraud verification etc.
  • Order monitoring categorized by channel used for ordering
  • Integration of stores with order process to fasten up services
  • Built-in customer service to resolve order queries
  • SMS notifications on order status
  • Support for multi-warehouses