MuleSoft Monthly Release

For the Month of February 2023

The MuleSoft product team is investing heavily in the MuleSoft Anypoint platform. In February, MuleSoft upgraded several connectors for widely adopted technologies such as Microsoft Outlook 365 Connector, Google Big Query Connector, Amazon MQ Connector, Amazon SQS Connector, LDAP Connector, Apache Kafka Connector, Gmail Connector, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector, Mule Maven Plugin, Amazon S3 Connector, QuickBooks Online Connector, RPA Manager, Amazon DynamoDB Connector, SAP SuccessFactors Connector etc. The focus was to have connectors upgraded for the entire month. The commitment shows the maturity, stability, and strength of the product.

#FeatureVersionWhats NewDetailsReference URL
1Anypoint Connector - Anypoint MQ Connector- ( Mule 4 )4.0.2• Anypoint MQ Connector version 4.x supports the Connected Apps feature.

For information, see:
• Configuring Connected Apps
• Upgrading and Migrating Anypoint MQ Connector to 4.x
W-12004936: The connector now correctly supports the / character in messageId.View
2Anypoint Connector - Commerce Cloud B2C Shop Connector - ( Mule 4 )2.1.0• B2C Shop Connector now supports the following new operations:
• Authenticate Customer
• Get Access Token
• Logout Customer
3Anypoint Connector - SAP SuccessFactors Connector - ( Mule 4 )4.1.8N/AW-12511414: The connector now includes TLS context initialization when creating a connection.View
4CloudHub Runtime and Operating System Patch Update4.4.0 & 4.3.0• This patch update reverts the fixes for the following issues: W-12245298 and W-12161504.

• Updated to the latest operating system security patches.
Runtime Manager Agent versions included in Runtime 3.9.5, 4.3.0, and 4.4.0
This release of Runtime 3.9.5 includes Runtime Manager Agent 1.15.13, and Runtime 4.3.0 and 4.4.0 include Runtime Manager Agent 2.4.37.
4.4.0 & 4.3.0
W-12517872: The following scripting languages are now enabled for log4j: Nashorn, JS, JavaScript, ECMAScript.
5RPA ManagerN/A• You can now assign credentials in the Credential Pool to users and user groups.
• RPA Manager automatically affiliates credentials that were created prior to this release with all users. You can edit credentials to change affiliated users.
• The new Copy to Clipboard button in user tasks enables you to copy activity parameter values to the clipboard.
The color scheme of process boards now align
W-12193883: You can no longer remove a process assigned to a user if that user is either the project owner or the project manager.
W-12024864: Users can no longer create multiple evaluation criteria with the same name.
W-12244827: Long activity parameter names are now truncated to enhance their visibility.
W-12421163: Users no longer see incorrect privileges assigned when logging in to RPA Manager after a different user logs out.
W-12463062: Deleting a test run configuration no longer causes a database error.
W-12463050: Deleting a production run configuration no longer causes a database error.
W-12463075: Uploading a workflow from RPA Builder no longer causes a database error.
6Validation Module - ( Mule 4 )2.0.3N/AW-12130090: When nested validation operations inside the Validation Module All scope fail, they no longer throw null pointer exceptions (NPE).View
7Anypoint Connector - Amazon DynamoDB Connector - ( Mule 4 )1.5.0• Amazon DynamoDB Connector has a new Paginated Query operation that finds items based on primary key values. You can query any table or secondary index that has a composite primary key, a partition key, and a sort key. The operation returns pages with a limit specified in the Limit field or the maximum amount of 1MB data.W-12144256: Amazon DynamoDB Connector now shows the correct condition, expression, and query parameter descriptions in the Anypoint Studio UI.View
8Anypoint Connector - Amazon S3 Connector - ( Mule 4 )6.1.1N/AW-12521306: Amazon S3 Connector incorrectly threw MULE_UNKNOWN error type. Now, the connector throws REQUEST_TIMEOUT error type.View
9Anypoint Flex Gateway1.4.0• JSON Threat Protection Policy
• Schema Validation Policy
• Health Check policy for monitoring API upstream services
See the Health Check policy for more information.
• Policy execution order in Connected Mode
See Reordering Policies for more information.
• Forward proxy support:
Configuring a Forward Proxy for Flex Gateway in Connected Mode
Configuring a Forward Proxy for Flex Gateway in Local Mode
• Configure TLS and mTLS contexts in Connected Mode.
See Configuring TLS Context for Flex Gateway in Connected Mode for more information.
• Configure mTLS for API proxies to upstream services:
Configuring TLS Context for Flex Gateway in Connected Mode
Configuring TLS Context for Flex Gateway in Local Mode
W-12526058: Requests with invalid upstream TLS certificates no longer automatically succeed. These requests will now result in 5xx errors. Add skipValidation: true to a PolicyBinding resource to skip the validation attempt of invalid certificates.View
10API Manager2.4.10For Flex Gateway running in Connected Mode, API Manager now supports:

Policy execution order

For more information, see Reordering Policies.

TLS and mTLS context configuration
For more information, see Configuring TLS Context for Flex Gateway in Connected Mode.
11Anypoint Connector - QuickBooks Online Connector - ( Mule 4 )2.0.10N/AW-12572592: A null pointer exception no longer occurs when custom fields are not specified.View
12Mule Maven Plugin3.8.4• Reported security vulnerabilities are now fixed.W-12068009: ClassLoaderModelJsonSerializer now fails as expected if the file has missing mandatory attributes.
W-12068325: Mule Maven Plugin adds instanceSize to CloudHub 2.0 for UBP.
W-12143338: Properly identified import tag validation now fails as expected due to unresolved properties.
W-10624067: Improved the access denied message when getting platform organization details.
W-12225780: Removed persistentObjectStore from CloudHub 2.0 deployments.
W-12276189: Improved error handling of invalid classloader-model.json.
13APIkit for Odata2.1.5• This release fixes bugs.W-12481800: OData extension no longer loses precision when serializing an Edm.Decimal value.View
14Anypoint Connector - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector -
( Mule 4 )
3.2.12N/AW-12487851: The connector no longer makes an extra API request for the Retrieve entities operation.View
15Anypoint Connector - Gmail Connector -
( Mule 4 )
1.0.7N/AW-12353541: The overall stability and performance of the connector is improved.View
16Anypoint Connector - Apache Kafka Connector - ( Mule 4 )4.7.0N/AW-11554436: Kafka Connector now uses kafka-clients 3.3.2.
W-12042969: The Publish operation now handles AUTHENTICATION_ERROR.
W-12150770: Kafka connector now supports the boolean system property -Dmule.kafka.publish.useNull to be set as true or false, if not set, the default value is false. This allows the Publish operation to send null messages.
17Anypoint Connector - LDAP Connector3.5.2N/AW-12233513: The Paged Result Search operation no longer throws an NPE when the operation uses MaxResult with SSL connections.View
18Anypoint Connector - Salesforce Marketing Cloud REST Connector - ( Mule 4 )1.1.1N/AW-12128867: The overall stability and performance of the connector is improved.View
19Anypoint Connector - Amazon SQS Connector - ( Mule 3 )4.4.9•The com.fasterxml.jackson.core and com.fasterxml.jackson.dataformat libraries are upgraded to version 2.14.0.N/AView
20APIkit for Mule 41.8.2• This release fixes bugs and updates dependencies.W-11956701: Default values for array query parameters are now correctly interpreted.
W-12113783: APIkit now returns all validation errors instead of just the first one.
W-11365512: APIkit now parses correctly repeated array headers with quotes.
21Anypoint MQ Cloud2.12.0• The Destinations page in Anypoint MQ now includes the ability to select the version of Anypoint Connector for MQ (Anypoint MQ Connector):N/AView
22Mule Runtime Engine4.4.0N/AW-12362157:Applications with an XML SDK connector now deploy correctly.
W-12206167: Concurrency errors no longer occur when a flow is called multiple times using the lookup function.
W-12245760: The Error Handler now returns the Event Id and Processor as expected.
W-12353440: This release upgrades the log4j dependency to version 2.19.
W-12354026: This release upgrades the com.hazelcast:hazelcast dependency to version 3.12.13.
W-12219126: This release upgrades the Jackson Databind library to version
W-12354008: This release upgrades the org.apache.cxf:cxf-core dependency to version 3.5.5.
W-12161504: Cookie headers are now correctly aggregated during the redirect mechanism.
W-12245298: The log level for HTTP response stream was closed before being read but response streams must always be consumed was changed from WARNING to ERROR.
W-12218381: CloudHub applications no longer fail when using Global Error Handlers with a default configuration.
W-10822938: The insecure connection configuration in the TLS Configuration truststore now works as expected.
W-12293483: HTTP API status code 422 now shows the correct reason phrase.
W-12129696: WSC connector with an HTTP Requester configuration no longer fails when using a domain project.
W-11983138: The Error Handler now returns the Event Id and Processor as expected.
W-11681056: Flow reference validations no longer fail when using XML SDK components that declare inner sub-flows during lazy initialization.
W-11940166: dw::core::Dates::atBeginningOfWeek now works correctly when the input DateTime is Sunday.
W-12043162: The new com.mulesoft.dw.javaSqlDateToDate system property enables mapping java.sql.Date to Date instead of DateTime.
W-12067821: The Resource already closed exception no longer occurs when using the write function with a value bigger than 1.5MB with Avro format.
W-12073562: Cacheable overloaded functions, such as then, now dispatch to the correct function definition when called multiple times.
W-12166609: The default behavior now works correctly when having a null value coming from the Mule runtime.
W-12167313: High memory usage no longer occurs when using the dw::core::Arrays::divideBy function with an in-memory Array as input.

23Mule Runtime Engine4.3.0N/AW-12362157: Applications with an XML SDK connector now deploy correctly.
W-12245765: The Error Handler now contains the Event Id and Processor when handling issues from an HTTP Requester.
W-12407839: WSC connector with an HTTP Requester configuration no longer fails when using a domain project.
W-12353442: This release upgrades the log4j dependency to version 2.19.
W-12354020: This release upgrades the org.apache.cxf:cxf-core library to version 3.5.5.
W-12354026: This release upgrades the`com.hazelcast:hazelcast` dependency to version 3.12.13.
W-12218381: CloudHub applications no longer fail when using Global Error Handlers with a default configuration.
W-10822938: The insecure connection configuration in the TLS Configuration truststore now works as expected.
W-12060316: You can now start Mule in FIPS mode using any security provider.
24Anypoint Connector - Zendesk Connector - ( Mule 4 )1.1.7N/AW-12360287: The external ID value is now represented as a string instead of a number as per the Zendesk API.View
25API Designer (Crowd)2.52.0• You can now set the API version directly from the code when publishing API specifications in OAS 2 or OAS 3.
• You can now edit the example area in Visual API Designer mode without losing your place on the page.
• You can now use the Chance access button with the keyboard.
26Anypoint ExchangeN/A• The enhanced search is now the default search experience for users logging into Exchange.
Using the enhanced experience, you can:
• Filter assets by type, organization, category, tag, and lifecycle state
• See which API Spec properties and page text matched the search term
• Save shortcuts to filters you have applied
• Sort search results by relevance, name, last modified date, or rating
For more details about the enhanced search, see Search for Assets.
The legacy search experience is still available by clicking Back to legacy search from the Exchange landing page.
• Exchange now supports JSON Schema and OAS 3.0 components as sub-types for the API Fragments asset type.
27Anypoint Connector - Google BigQuery Connector - ( Mule 4 )1.1.2N/AW-12236804: The Query operation now regenerates the connection after the token expires.View
28Anypoint Connector - Web Service Consumer Connector - ( Mule 4 )1.8.0N/AW-12429671: Web Service Consumer connector has a new system property mule.soap.maxAttributeSize.

The XML parser library has a limit that specifies maximum allowed length (in characters) of attribute values. This limit protects against possible Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks.

The default limit value is 524288 characters and it is a reasonable default value for normal usage. You can change it to a higher value if input documents can legitimately exceed the default limit, or to a lower value if specific attacks are observed or the system has a lower resource allocation. The maximum value allowed is 2147483647 (Integer.MAX_VALUE in Java). If you set 0 or if you don’t set the property, the connector takes the default value.
29API Functional Monitoring (AFM)2.6The UI component contrast is now increased for better visibility and accessibility.N/AView
30Anypoint Connector - Microsoft Outlook 365 Connector - ( Mule 4 )1.1.5N/AW-12429278: The On New Email source now receives messages correctly when the Since field is blank.View

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