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Microsoft BI provides SSRS as an enterprise reporting solution

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Microsoft BI provides SSRS as an enterprise reporting solution for the businesses that encompasses many levels of professional expertise, from report design to database administration. SSRS is an attempt by Microsoft to deliver and present information which incorporates a unified, server-based, extensible, and scalable platform.


Service Offerings

Server-based platform

The reporting server provides managed and secure access to reports. We help you in developing standards to control how reports are produced and distributed. We also have SharePoint administration resources to deploy your reports on SharePoint server. This will help your organization personnel to share the reports with each other.

Charts and Maps

Charts are a good way to present large volumes of data in a visual summarized way. We are specialized in developing visualized representation of data including charts, indicators, gauges, spark lines, data bars and maps using SSRS. For showing maps we use spatial data. This will give our customer an advantage.

Ad-hoc reports

This feature of SSRS enables you to create and save report on the go. We help the power users how to create ad-hoc reports and let them know what they can do using ad-hoc reports.

Drill-through Reports

This is a great feature in SSRS by which you can drill-through to sub reports. We provide solutions for parameterized drill through reports for filtering data and produced views based on your criteria. This will help you in finding detailed analysis of your data.