Message Broker

WebSphere Message Broker Consulting Services

IBM WebSphere Message Broker with its advanced ESB capabilities offers transport options that extend the reach, scope and scale of enterprise integration, which helps enable secure and seamless interaction of applications, remote and mobile devices, and thousands of users — within the Intranet and across the Internet.

Company’s certified WebSphere Message Broker developers will help you implement a broker-based application that distributes and transforms real-time information and establishes end-to-end communications using different message structures and formats.

With its ability to perform operations depending on message content, WebSphere Message Broker is a natural extension to WebSphere MQ, but Message Broker can also process messages from other sources, such as JMS providers, HTTP calls, or reading data from files.

What is WebSphere Message Broker? Product Overview

WebSphere® Message Broker delivers an advanced Enterprise Service Bus providing connectivity and universal data transformation for both standard and non-standards-based applications and services to power your service-oriented architecture.

WebSphere Message Broker transforms and enriches in-flight information to provide a level of intermediation between applications that use different message structures and formats.

WebSphere Message Broker enriches and distributes real-time information from disparate sources of information through a network of access points, and provides a powerful new means to unify organizations.

WebSphere Message Broker integrates with multiple sources of data such as databases, applications, and files to perform any type of data manipulation, including logging, updating, and merging.

WebSphere Message Broker simplifies the integration of existing applications with Web services by transforming and routing SOAP messages, as well as logging of Web services transactions.

WebSphere Message Broker includes the functionality of WebSphere Event Broker. WebSphere Event Broker is available as a separately orderable product for customers requiring publish and subscribe capabilities and other distribution capabilities using multiple protocols without the powerful and adaptable transformation features provided by WebSphere Message Broker.