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OpenText MBPM is a business process management platform that brings a comprehensive solution. You can capitalize on prospects by providing a more agile, intelligent business process layer that fits in the existing legacy systems, and gives you the ability to simply modify workflow processes as and when the business requirements change.

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OpenText MBPM



Our training mentors provide a range of services for both the IT-administrator level and end-user level.

Support & Maintenance

Our experienced support engineers can evaluate and understand the most complex implementations to offer a range of support options.

New Project, Development & Implementation Services

Our reputation is instituted on our ability to follow an able implementation practice and industry standards, to ensure projects are completed on budget and on time.


We offer the following services to ensure the success for a smoother transition:

  • Planning installation / environment

  • Installation of software
  • Documentation of environment
  • Establishment of infrastructure
  • Configuration to requirements
  • Testing of system

Upgrade Planning & Migration Services

(version 7.x & 9.x)

We offer Migration services of existing application from older version of Metastorm (7.6) to latest release of version 9.x.
We offer the following upgrade/migration services:

Migration Planning
Risk Identification
Process Enhancements

Migration Support
Improve with MBPM to Deliver Value

OpenText MBPM


Decrease in operating costs and increase in revenue
Informed decision making, collaboration & knowledge sharing.
Move ahead on company’s mission

OpenText MBPM


Classified information feeds can be integrated in a browser-based application.
REST-based API can be used to device a BPM product that facilitates the process/application to post updates or alerts on work status.
Work can be considered as a social entity, and cases can be followed by BPM users everywhere.
People can post content into information feeds; others will be able to comment on the content posted.
Social interaction which includes access to content feeds will be available to smartphone users and browser-based users.
Capitalize On Opportunities and Deliver a Comprehensive Solution

OpenText MBPM Activities

Business process management activities are grouped into six categories:

OpenText MBPM Architecture