All in One App to Manage Kubernetes Clusters


Kubernetes at your finger tip's

Accelerate and control the deployment, scaling, monitoring, and management of your containerized application. If you’re making the move to containers, you’ll need a container management platform. Kubernetes works by grouping containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery. It’s particularly useful for microservice applications, apps made up of small and independent services that come together to create a more meaningful app.

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App for Mobile Features

A mobile app to manage your Kubernetes cluster. It is a native version of the Kubernetes dashboard with an intuitive finger action to manipulate Kubernetes resources. For example you can delete pods with a single left swipe. You can also add, delete labels, scale deployments with a finger scroll, access logs of your pods, run simple exec commands in containers, and trigger the rolling-updates by changing the image of your deployments.

Features Overview
  • Support Multiple clusters management
  • Support for token or basic authentication
  • Swipe left to edit or delete entities
  • Swipe down to refresh lists
  • Mark Nodes as un-schedulable
  • Switch Nodes to Maintenance mode
  • Remove and add labels
  • Query by labels
  • Create basic deployments with single image
  • Scale deployments
  • Automating rolling update on image change
  • Expose deployment via a service
  • Access multiple containers log
  • Exec commands in containers
  • Set view based on namespaces
  • View Charts in stores
  • Configure list of Objects you want to see
  • Modify service ports
  • Open NodePort service in browser
  • Add Helm stores in Settings
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