Information Security and Compliance Solution

IBM has been a renowned name in providing security solution to all sectors of IT infrastructure. In 2010, it was named “Best Security Company” for 2010 by SC Magazine. IBM offers the widest range of state of the art security solutions, may it be an efficient endpoint management offering or organization considering meeting compliance factors, Enterprises looking for applications monitoring, data integrity, identity and access management, threat prevention in busy networks, software or systems security, email protection , encryption, virtualization and cloud security. IBM leading the IT industry with smart security solutions.

RC Tivoli consulting service provides specialist security solutions. Our consultants assist organisations to design and implement identity management and access control solutions for their businesses based on the IBM Tivoli suite of security products.

IBM Tivoli Provides Structured Multi-Layer Security

Tivoli Solution Tivoli Identity Manager
  • Control who gets access to a sensitive system and what data they can access
  • Audit trail of who has access to what and who approved it
  • Reduces help desk and IT administrative costs
Tivoli Solution Tivoli Access Manager
  • Cost savings through centrally managed security policy for broad range of applications
  • Controls through authentication and authorization (coarse and fine-grained) services
  • Detailed auditing of all authentication and authorization attempts
Tivoli Solution Tivoli Security Compliance Manager
  • Helps to secure corporate data and integrity
  • Identifies software security vulnerabilities
  • Decreases IT costs though automation and centralization
  • Assists in complying with regulations and standards
Tivoli Solution Tivoli Endpoint Manager
  • Single intelligent agent for continuous endpoint self-assessment and policy enforcement
  • Real-time visibility and control from a single management console
  • Manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints regardless of location, connection type or status
  • Target specific actions to an exact type of endpoint configuration or user type
  • Reduce management complexity and cost, increase accuracy, and boost productivity